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Like most businesses experienced this year, 2020 brought some new challenges for Power For Life Fitness. We were forced to find ways to adapt our business, one built on human interactions and inspiring individuals and groups through in-person movement and motivation, to social distancing and other safety regulations. And while things are looking different than we thought they would a year ago, we are proud of the steps we’ve taken to continue to provide meaningful services to our residential communities. 

The first change we made was shifting from teaching on-site, in-person group fitness classes to weekly virtual classes. We knew we wanted to maintain the interactive nature of our regular classes as opposed to providing pre-recorded workouts, so we opted to offer live classes to which residents of our communities can tune in every week. Live classes meant that members could speak to instructors in order to receive modifications and that the classes would change week to week, just as they would in person. We have been pleased at the success of this shift, with 50+ properties opting to offer live virtual classes to their residents for the better part of the year. We have also recently started providing on-site classes again at some of our properties depending on the state and county regulations and have been pleased with the instructors’ and attendees’ abilities to maintain a safe environment for all. 

In addition to live, virtual fitness classes, we have experimented with and expanded our virtual event offerings as well. Virtual cooking demos gave residents a chance to cook along with our chef from the comfort of their own kitchens. Game nights offered a chance to unwind and laugh with neighbors and paint nights let residents flex their creative muscles while socializing with friends. These events allowed us to continue to offer a variety of services to our properties and keep residents engaged with the community.
What 2021 will bring for Power For Life Fitness and the fitness industry as a whole remains unclear. But one thing is certain: At Power For Life Fitness, we will continue to work hard to help our communities support their residents on their journey to health and wellness in any and all ways that we can. If you’re interested in learning more about our current service offerings, click here.