You may not be heading back to school this month, but even years after graduation, September still brings with it a feeling of something beginning. With one third of the year to go, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. And that makes it the perfect time to evaluate your habits and commit to new ones that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

At times like this, when you feel primed to start something new and make a leap, you may be tempted to set lofty goals. Perhaps you want to lose 30 pounds by Christmas or run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. But simply setting an objective like this can be dangerous, and ultimately counterproductive to achieving your goals. The reason: Setting a goal without a clear idea of what you’ll need to do day-to-day to achieve it can make the goal feel unattainable and out of reach before you even begin. If you do have a lofty or ambitious goal you want to achieve, the best way to get there is to commit to small, easy changes. In other words, commit to changing your habits.

Roughly 40% of what you do every day you do out of habit. Brushing your teeth immediately upon waking, brewing a cup of coffee before going to rouse your kids, munching on an apple every afternoon; the little things you do every day provide structure for your life. So if you can change one of these small actions, or add a new one, it’s possible to effectively change the foundation of your daily life for the better. And this approach can go far towards helping you achieve your wellness goals.

If you plan out your meals for the day while your morning coffee is brewing, you won’t be as tempted to make unhealthy decisions come lunchtime. If you commit to immediately changing into exercise clothes when you get home from work, you’ll be more likely to head downstairs and get your sweat on in a Power for Life group exercise class. And if you do these things enough days in a row, the practice will become a habit; it will become second nature, part of your routine. And before you know it, you’ll be wowed at the stronger, healthier person you’ve become.

Do you have a goal you’re committing to this month? We’d love to hear about the habits you’re changing to get there! Share with us on social media and tag Power for Life Fitness and your apartment building.

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