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Spring is the perfect time of year to up your exercise game for a number of reasons. One, the weather is finally warming up so you can do more activities outside. Two, those same rising temps mean that soon you’ll be shedding the sweaters and cozy sweatpants you’ve been wearing all winter and showing some more skin when you venture out of the house. And three, spring is a season of growth and rebirth! The leaves are returning and flowers are blooming, which can inspire you to move and make changes of your own. Here, three activities that will help get you moving this spring. 

Simply tying on your sneakers and hitting the streets is a great way to rev your metabolism and flush out the buildup of any toxins that have accumulated in your body over the winter. Especially if you haven’t exercised much over the winter, walking is a smart place to start to get your muscles moving again. Try going for a stroll around your neighborhood, through a local park or on the track at your local middle or high school—tracks and trails will be softer and gentler on your knees if you are prone to joint pain. Plus, any length walk is going to be beneficial. If you have a few minutes to walk during your lunch break, great! If you can commit an hour on a Saturday morning, that’s fantastic too.   

Have you heard about this craze sweeping the nation? A cross between tennis and badminton with rules similar to ping pong, pickleball is played on a smaller court than tennis, making it approachable for all ages. The racket is like a large ping pong paddle, while the ball resembles a wiffle ball. Many public parks have transformed tennis courts into pickleball courts where you can meet up with friends and play. All told, it’s a low-impact workout that also offers a safe and fun way to socialize with friends. 

Outdoor Group Fitness
Are you missing group fitness classes like yoga and Zumba? Now that the days are warmer, group fitness classes can be held outside in courtyards and parking lots or on roof decks. You’ll get two health boosters in one: The cardio and muscle-building perks of the workout, plus the time spent outside soaking in vitamin D from the spring sun. If your apartment building isn’t offering outdoor group fitness classes, ask them how you can get Power For Life Fitness classes at your property today.
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