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The fitness landscape changed drastically in 2020. Now, as fitness professionals and experts look ahead to 2021, the trends they expect to continue or rise up also look different than they typically do at this time of year. Here, three fitness trends that are expected to grow, expand or stay hot in the coming year and why they are worth checking out. 

Outdoor Fitness
Despite being weather-dependent, exercising outdoors has grown a great deal in the last nine months. Previously reserved primarily for walkers, runners, bikers and hikers, fitness professionals and exercisers alike have realized that they can take other workouts outdoors. Gyms and fitness studios began offering classes outside and trainers made appointments with clients to work out in parks and parking lots. People who used to rely on indoor activities like coffee and shopping to socialize with friends have traded in those experiences for walks around the neighborhood. For these reasons, outdoor activities made the largest year-over-year jump on the American College of Sports Medicine’s yearly fitness trend survey, from number 13 in 2020 all the way up to number 4 for 2021. And the perks are two-fold: Not only does working out outside provide continued options for exercise, but you’ll also reap the stress-reducing benefits of spending time outdoors.

Virtual Training
A drastic increase in virtual and online fitness offerings was the biggest trend to come out of 2020 and experts expect the options to continue to grow in 2021. Fitness studios and companies like Power for Life Fitness are offering interactive, live-streamed classes, while others have produced an online library of video workouts that can be viewed at any time. Likewise, big-time brands like Nike are offering workouts through their training apps that can be streamed or followed along with through smart phones and fitness trackers. The options available, and the prices at which they are offered, will continue to expand in the coming year and give exercisers the opportunity to find the style of training that best suits their schedule, personality and the equipment they have available. 

New Ways to Build Community and Accountability
One of the biggest things exercisers missed in 2020 was the accountability and community aspect lost when gyms and studios closed their doors. So in the coming year, expect to see more options for connecting with other people virtually who can help you push yourself and stay accountable. These include live-streamed workouts during which you can communicate with and compete against others (like offerings from Power for Life Fitness and Peloton), chances to work out with or against a few friends (you can do this with Obe Fitness and through the Mirror) and recommendations for how to level up your workouts and make sure you’re challenging yourself (check out how Apple Fitness+ and Tonal are doing this). But you don’t need to use fancy technology to connect with friends and hold each other accountable—you can set exercise dates with friends or meet up for an outdoor workout. Any and all will help you stay committed to your fitness regimen in 2021. 

At Power For Life Fitness, we’re looking forward to continuing to sweat with you in 2021! Reach out to our team today to learn about how we can keep helping you achieve your fitness goals.