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The new year is here! As a luxury apartment community, in addition to providing comfortable and convenient living and amenities, it’s critical to tune into what’s important to your residents and take steps to support them accordingly. Here are three things you can do to help your residents start 2022 off on the right foot. 

Send Out a Survey

The best way to find out what sorts of services and amenities will help your residents is to ask them. Send out a new year survey with questions around what amenities they used and enjoyed from the past year and what changes they wish to see (if any) in the coming year. Even if you don’t think you have it in your budget to change the amenities you are offering drastically, a survey might reveal that you were spending money on something that residents didn’t find very valuable. If that’s the case, you can reallocate those funds to something they would use more. 

When Power for Life Fitness starts working with a community, we typically provide a resident survey for property managers to send out before putting our programs in place. If you need help putting together a survey, we can help!  

Offer Free Events

In conjunction with or instead of sending out a survey, you could hold a few free, one-off events to gauge your residents’ interest in different activities. These could include wellness-based events like group fitness classes, personal training consults or healthy cooking demonstrations, hands-on activities like crafting, or fun socializing events like karaoke or trivia nights. Special events also give you the chance to talk to your residents about what they are looking for from the community in the coming year. 

Host a Challenge

People tend to be extra motivated to try new things and start working towards new goals at the beginning of a new year, so it is a great time to host a community-wide challenge. Challenges offer residents different degrees of involvement so they can choose how they would like to participate, they can help residents pursue their healthy living goals, and they provide an opportunity to win prizes or incentives. Plus, challenges are super easy to execute, and Power for Life Fitness can do most of the work for you. We have a variety of monthly and quarterly challenges available, or we can help you design one that’s more specific to your community. 

To let Power for Life Fitness help you help your residents, send us an email at today to get started.

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