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Even though the US isn’t out of the woods yet when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, many cities have lifted restrictions, and residents have eagerly returned to their pre-pandemic lives. That said, they have done so, maintaining a new emphasis on safety and comfort, two things that they expect their properties to prioritize as well. Residential communities face a time in which residents once again expect all the amenities they were promised when they signed their lease. However, they are still a bit wary of utilizing them in the same way they did before. Here are three strategies you can take that will help reengage your tenants in this current moment. 

Offer A Variety of Amenities
Your residents will undoubtedly be mixed when it comes to in-person amenities such as group fitness classes and events. Some will be eager and excited to take part, while others may not feel comfortable yet. One way to take this into account without leaving out any of your residents is to offer a mix of in-person, virtual, and more tightly regulated in-person options. For example, you may offer in-person group fitness classes (like those provided by Power For Life Fitness), virtual cooking or crafting demos, and the use of courtyards or outdoor spaces on a sign-up-only basis. That way, residents can choose to participate only in ways they feel safe to do so. 

Consider Incentives
Regardless of how your residents feel about the changing restrictions and the amenities you are offering, if they choose to continue living in your community, you should be grateful—and you want them to know it. If residents renew their lease, consider saying thank you with a gift card or a treat from a local business. If they choose to use the available amenities, think about tacking on extra perks, like cold bottled water in the fitness center. Things that show appreciation or inspire residents to use the amenities more can go a long way. 

Poll, Poll, Poll
The least productive thing you can do as a property manager is to invest a lot of time and money into providing amenities that your residents don’t want or use. So, how will you know what your residents want? By asking them! Email polls and surveys to your tenants, asking them what they are looking for and what services and amenities they are most interested in. This way, when you offer new things, residents will be pleased that they are getting something they want and that you listened to them. 

Need help getting your residents re-engaged? Power For Life Fitness can help you put together events, incentives, and more! Contact us at for more information. 

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