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Chances are you’ve spent some time working from home over the past year, so much that you may be doing so at least part time going forward as well. And while you likely haven’t been able to dedicate an entire room in your apartment as your home office, a few simple tweaks can turn a desk in the corner into a space that you look forward to spending hours each day. Here are four ideas. 

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

If it’s possible space-wise and budget-wise, picking up a comfortable desk chair can go far towards making your office more inviting and making you more productive. If you’re sitting in a hard kitchen chair or a cushy armchair, neither of which are designed to support your body for eight hours or more, you’ll likely wind up with pain in your back or joints that will sap your energy fast. A comfortable chair, on the other hand, will allow you to focus on your work without needing to shift positions or locations throughout the day.  

Get Organized

In your office, you likely had drawers, cabinets, maybe a corkboard or dry erase board, and other supplies that helped you stay organized. If you don’t have these at home, pick some up! Not only will it give your space a more professional feel, but it will also boost your productivity because you won’t need to go digging through folders or searching for a pen that works every ten minutes. 


Beyond picking up a quality desk chair, how you decorate your workspace can make it significantly more welcoming. If you have room for one, plants have been shown to boost productivity, plus help improve air quality. Drawings, photos or meaningful knick knacks that will bring a smile to your face on a particularly tough day are just as important to have in your home workspace as they were in your old office. And since you’re at home, you have even more freedom to express your own personal style in how you decorate!

Set Up by a Window 

The traditionally fluorescent lights in an office are notoriously known for draining energy and making it difficult for your eyes to stay focused on your computer screen. But at home, you’re free of these too-bright lights—and depending on the layout of your apartment, you can be free of any artificial light at all. If you set up your home office near a window, you can work by the natural light streaming through, which will be gentler on your eyes as well as help regulate your energy levels throughout the day.

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