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As we move into spring, residents are itching to get out of their apartments and have some fun with their friends and neighbors. Here are four simple and safe resident events that will help encourage community engagement and get your residents smiling. 

  1. Group Fitness Class

If you haven’t been able to hold group fitness classes in your fitness center because of the pandemic, spring is the perfect time to bring them back outdoors. You could also hold a few in different exercise styles as one-off events to help promote physical activity and encourage your residents to get outside and move. At Power For Life Fitness, all the group fitness classes we offer (including yoga, Zumba, boot camp and more) can be held in your courtyard or on your roof deck. We also have safety protocols in place for holding classes indoors if you don’t have an outdoor space. 

  1. Spring Cleaning Donation Drive

Spring cleaning means getting rid of clutter and things we haven’t worn or used in the past year. As a property, you can make this process easier for your residents and help them feel good about decluttering by organizing a spring cleaning donation drive. Pick a few local charities that accept various types of donations, such as clothes, books, and small appliances, and designate boxes or places where your residents can drop off the things they would like to donate. Then at the end of a set period, you can take those items to be donated. Eliminating the tedious legwork for your residents plus supporting the community—sounds like a win-win!

  1. Game Night

Whether it’s bingo, trivia or something else, there are plenty of games that are conducive to outdoor, safely distanced gatherings. Residents could even bring their own snacks or drinks to munch or sip as they enjoy a warm spring night, the company of their neighbors and a fun and engaging game.  

  1. Food Truck Party

If you ask ten people what they’ve missed the most since the start of the pandemic, chances are that at least eight of them will mention eating out in restaurants. Now that the days are getting warmer, why not bring the restaurants to them? Reach out to a few local food trucks and have them come by the property to serve your residents on a weekly or monthly basis. You’ll be offering business to the food trucks and incentivizing your residents to get out of the house. Meanwhile, the way you order and pick up at the window of a food truck means that your food isn’t changing hands with cooks, servers or other strangers, so residents can feel safe going “out for dinner.” 

For more spring event ideas or for help planning and executing your events in your community, contact Power For Life Fitness at

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