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While summer may not officially begin until June 20, higher temperatures and longer days are signaling the start of the sunny season. And while your community spaces may not be abuzz with as much activity this year as in summers past, there are still ways you can help your residents enjoy the season in a safe and healthy way. Here are five events you can hold on the roof deck, in the courtyard and more. 

Group Fitness Class

Remember those yoga, Zumba and boot camp classes we used to enjoy indoors? Why not take them outside to the roof deck or the courtyard? An open-air, outdoor area is one of the safest places for physical activity, and as long as participants are able to remain socially distanced, an outdoor fitness class can help residents re-connect and get their sweat on while soaking up some vitamin D. 

Book Club

A book club is the perfect way for your residents to get reacquainted after months of hurrying by one another in the hallways and the lobby. A novel can serve as a much-needed escape, while nonfiction can offer folks a way to learn about our current situation or about something totally new. The best part: As long as you have a private courtyard, roof deck or patio, it will be easy for residents to sit six feet apart and still enjoy an intimate conversation.


Similar to book club, trivia is a fun activity normally done indoors that can translate seamlessly to an outdoor venue. Participants can bring their own paper and pens on which to write down their answers to eliminate any sharing of materials and seating can be set up safely across the outdoor space.

Concert Night

Who says that people need to be packed tightly together to enjoy music? If the apartments in your building have balconies and overlook a courtyard or a shared space, invite your musical residents out onto their balconies to play a song or two for their neighbors. You could also have a DJ set up in an area where residents can simply open their windows and enjoy the tunes. 

Smoothie or Mocktail Samples

If your residents are missing cooking demonstrations or if you just want to offer them something sweet, smoothies, mocktails or other beverages are the perfect way to do so. Drinks can be prepared by someone in the proper protective gear and then poured into cups so that residents can take one without coming into contact with anyone else’s sample—then they can return home to enjoy their sips to avoid too many people congregated in one space. 
If you’re interested in hosting any of these events this summer, Power for Life Fitness can help. Send us an email at today for more information!

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