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Apartment living is unique and special in that residents have the opportunity to develop strong bonds and a sense of community. Developing this community can also be a boon to property managers since residents who feel connected to their neighbors and their building will be more likely to renew their leases. Here, you’ll find five ways you can better engage your residents and help foster a sense of community in your property in 2022 —and how Power for Life Fitness can help you do so. 

Regular Surveys
One of the easiest and most helpful ways to engage your residents is to find out what they want out of the community—and the easiest way to do that is with surveys. Email surveys are a quick and efficient way to communicate with your residents and ensure that any amenities you decide to offer are ones they will be excited about.

Group Fitness Classes
Free on-site group fitness classes (like those offered by Power for Life Fitness) are an incredibly attractive amenity for several reasons. Not only do they make it easier for residents to prioritize their health and wellness, but group fitness classes are also something that people typically need to pay and travel for. If you offer them on-site fitness options, it’s a huge money and time saver for your residents, making it more likely that they will pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

One-off events are another great way to engage residents. They require a smaller commitment from tenants, plus you can hold different types of events that can engage more individual residents. These could be craft-based events like paint nights, food-based events like cooking demonstrations, or events that emphasize socializing like karaoke. 

Residential Challenges
Beginning in January 2022, Power for Life Fitness will be offering quarterly challenges for properties interested in holding a monthly challenge to help engage their residents. In many cases, challenges require residents to do something as simple as posting on social media about their workout, providing them with an opportunity to win a prize. Challenges encourage residents to stick to their healthy habits while connecting with their community. 

If you’re beginning to look for ways to engage residents who have not shown much interest in the community in the past, then a giveaway is a great place to start. Giveaways require very little work on the part of the resident, in most cases just signing up, but they remind tenants that their community cares about them—and a caring community is one people want to live in. 

To learn more about how Power for Life Fitness can help you engage your residents in the new year, contact us today.