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It’s spring cleaning time! Many people like to use this time of year to give their home a refresh. Here are eight tips to help you get your apartment looking, smelling, and feeling new.

Don’t Be Afraid to Purge
Go into cleaning with this mindset: If you come across something you haven’t used in months or forgot that you had, you can probably get rid of it. Having fewer things means a tidier home which is also easier to keep clean.

Look to Donate
Consider donating any clothes, shoes, books, or other items that you could repurpose instead of tossing in the trash as you’re purging.

Set Aside Enough Time
Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to complete this cleaning project without abandoning it halfway through. Set aside enough time to give your apartment a total top to bottom refresh.

Tackle Appliances
Appliances can be a pain to clean, but this is the perfect time of year to tackle them. Run the self-cleaning feature on your oven, and while it’s going, scrub the inside of your microwave, toaster oven, and refrigerator. 

Wash Curtains
Shower and window curtains undergo a lot of wear and tear but don’t always get enough love in the cleaning department. Use this opportunity to clean them, and don’t forget the plastic shower curtain liner—you can put the liner in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and toss window curtains in the dryer on air-dry only to give them a refresh. 

Move Furniture
We clean around our furniture for most of the year, shoving the vacuum under the couch and sweeping around table legs. During spring cleaning, move these large pieces of furniture out of the way so you can get rid of the dust and dirt that’s been collecting in hard-to-reach places. 

Organize Your Junk Drawer
You’ve been tossing things in it all year long, and now it’s time to get your junk drawer organized. Start by taking everything out, then develop an organization strategy and throw away anything you don’t use. Also, consider finding a new home for any items used mainly in a different room of your apartment, like the bathroom. 

Look Up
Whip out your extendable duster and tackle ceiling fans and light fixtures.

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