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At the end of every year, the American College of Sports Medicine conducts a survey on the worldwide fitness trends for the coming year. While the survey respondents are primarily health and fitness professionals, the results are telling for anyone to whom fitness trends are important—including property managers. Indeed, these trends can be a great way to predict the future interests and needs of residents looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle. And to make things even easier, almost all of the top 20 trends can be incorporated into your community with help from Power For Life Fitness. Here, you’ll find a detailed look at some of the trends that stood out to us and that can help you prepare for a healthy and fit 2020. 

The number three fitness trend for 2020 is group training. Despite being around for decades, group exercise only made it to the top 20 trends in 2017 when it debuted at number six, before moving up and remaining in the top three over the following three years. The reason: Group exercise classes offer an opportunity for multiple people at different fitness levels to participate in an effective, approachable workout in a supportive environment. For folks who are interested in pursuing exercise in 2020 but are unsure of how to do so on their own, group exercise classes are the perfect place to start. Fortunately, Power For Life Fitness makes it easy to bring group training to your property, taking advantage of the popular format while also providing residents with a simple and accessible way to achieve their fitness goals. 

The number five fitness trend for 2020 is personal training, up from number eight in both 2018 and 2019. Personal training has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its increasing accessibility—no longer restricted to gyms, exercisers can meet their trainers outdoors, in workplace fitness centers, or (as is the case with Power For Life Fitness personal trainers) in the comfort of their own homes. Personal training is ideal for folks with specific workout goals, such as training for a race, sport or competition, recovering from an injury, or meeting a specific goal ahead of an event or special occasion, but it is also great for those looking to learn more about physiology and fitness while getting healthier at the same time.

Finally, the number ten fitness trend is employing certified fitness professionals. As the fitness industry has grown exponentially over the last few years and is expected to continue to do so in 2020 and beyond, the need for trained and certified professionals to shepherd people on their wellness journeys is more important than ever. But property managers looking to provide fitness opportunities to their residents likely do not have the background or knowledge—nor are they expected to have such knowledge—to find and employ such fitness professionals. And that is where Power For Life Fitness comes in. Thanks to a detailed interviewing and vetting process, Power For Life Fitness is careful to hire instructors and trainers who are not only properly certified but will also support and motivate residents in a way that will help them achieve their goals.
If adding a residential fitness class to your community in 2020 is of interest to you, contact Power for Life Fitness today for a free consultation of your gym space. Click HERE to get started.

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