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The start of the school year is a hectic and stressful time for many, from parents of young children to college students. Add in the fact that going back to school looks different this year than in previous years, and your residents may likely be struggling. Here are three ways you can prepare for back to school and help your residents navigate the season. 

Have Your Internet Provider on Standby 

Even though schools of all levels are hoping to return to full-time, in-person learning, students and families are preparing for the occasional remote days should the need arise. Remote learning means that students will be logging into classes over the internet, which requires a strong Wi-Fi connection. Even if each tenant has Wi-Fi, it’s wise to be prepared to answer questions and direct folks to the best contact person at your internet provider, especially if everyone in your building has the same one. Better yet, reach out to your internet provider and see if there is one person your tenants can reach out to with all their questions and concerns. 

Clearly Mark High Traffic Areas

After so much time off from students traveling to and from school, your residents who don’t have children may have forgotten about bus stops or areas of your property that are highly trafficked before and after school. To make your property safer for everyone, post reminders and mark the areas that will be more highly utilized during these hours. 

Prepare Common Areas for Increased Use

Back-to-school is a busy time for students and parents alike. Everyone has longer to-do lists and more tasks to complete, and some of these tasks may be difficult to do near family members. Especially if your building has a business center, library, or common area with free Wi-Fi, prepare for these spaces to see an uptick in usage after school starts. Ensure they are being cleaned and sanitized regularly, that communal equipment (like printers) is working correctly and that the spaces are ready to fill all your residents’ needs.

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