Transitioning from Home Workouts to Group Classes

Transitioning from Home Workouts to Group Classes

Over the last two years, we’ve spent a lot of time working out in our apartments by ourselves. Whether putting together personal routines or following along with a virtual live or prerecorded class, it’s been a solitary endeavor. And for many, this has made a consistent exercise routine challenging to stick to, especially for those who thrive on the camaraderie and accountability that a group class provides.

The good news: Power for Life Fitness is happy to report that new properties are returning to in-person group fitness classes every day! Regardless of whether you’re eager to sign up or wary of returning, here are some of the perks of making the transition. 


When you’re exercising at home, no one but you knows if you did as many reps as possible or if you cut your workout short to get dinner started—so it can be tempting to take these shortcuts every now and then, especially if you’re not feeling your best or have a long to-do list to get to. While any workout is beneficial and worthwhile, attending a group fitness class with your neighbors and a supportive instructor will help you push yourself. Plus, since group classes are scheduled ahead of time, you can put it on your calendar the week (or even the month) before. Having the classes listed on your schedule makes it easier to commit to going.


Even if you’ve been taking live-streamed fitness classes in your apartment, it’s likely that your space and equipment have limited the types of workouts you’ve been able to do. By returning to group classes, these limitations vanish. Not only does this keep your workouts interesting and more fun, but it helps to mix things up, so you challenge your body in different ways to help you see results faster. 

Opportunities to Socialize

When you’re working from home and eating at home and exercising at home, you may be getting sick of, well, you. Group fitness classes offer the chance to socialize with your neighbors while also doing something good for yourself. What’s more, that you can attend those classes without even leaving your apartment building makes the whole experience stress-free.

If you’re looking forward to returning to group fitness classes in your apartment building, make sure you follow your property and P4LF on Instagram to stay updated on your community’s class schedule.

5 Healthy Food Blogs to Follow

5 Healthy Food Blogs to Follow

When deciding to make a diet change, as many people do at the start of a new year, you may have a plan for the first few weeks or months: what you’re going to cook, how much you’re going to exercise, etc. But as that first period comes to a close, you may start to run out of inspiration (and maybe a little motivation). To the rescue: Five food blogs filled with tasty and good-for-you meals to help you make healthy eating fun and easy. 

The Defined Dish

On this site, you’ll find creative and straightforward recipes packed with flavor and nourishing whole foods. There are many Whole 30-compliant recipes (meaning dishes free of any inflammatory foods or potential allergens), like Vietnamese-Inspired Shredded Chicken Salad, plus gluten-free and Paleo options, like Mimi’s Italian Fish Stew.  


Whether you’re looking for vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, Paleo, or keto recipes, you’ll find them at Skinnytaste. The best part: Many of the meals are ready in under 30 minutes and feature easy-to-find and easy-to-prepare ingredients, like Crustless Potato Jalapeno Quiche and Spaghetti Squash Crust Pizza. 

100 Days of Real Food

This blog is all about cutting out processed foods and replacing them with fresh, whole, good-for-you options. The result is homemade versions of mouthwatering dishes like Super Quick Ramen Bowls and Oven-Baked Cheese “Fries” made with ingredients you will feel good about eating. 

Ambitious Kitchen

The recipes at Ambitious Kitchen are all about helping you be the best, most balanced, and confident person you can be. Sections for grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, vegan, and vegetarian recipes make finding what you want a cinch. At the same time, indulgent delights like Healthy Banana Oatmeal Pancakes and No-Bake Superfood Brownies deliver nutrient-packed ingredients without skimping on flavor. 

I Breathe I’m Hungry

The keto diet has taken the healthy eating world by storm with its high-fat, low-carb approach. At I Breathe I’m Hungry, you’ll find tons of delicious keto recipes like Keto Beef Stew and Cheesy Biscuit Crust and Keto Blueberry Muffins, plus meal plans and frequently asked questions to help you start the diet.

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4 Benefits of Living in an Apartment Complex

4 Benefits of Living in an Apartment Complex

There are many different reasons people choose to live in an apartment, from their lifestyle and the size of their family to their budget and where they work. But once that choice is made, they can choose to seek out an apartment on their own or move to an apartment complex or luxury apartment community. Here are four benefits to choosing the apartment community over the latter.

Community Events

Apartment communities regularly hold free events for the residents to socialize with their neighbors and participate in an entertaining activity without leaving their building. If you don’t live in an apartment complex and want to do something fun on a Friday night, you could head out to a restaurant or see if anything is happening in your neighborhood. But if you live in an apartment community, you may not need to do either of these things and instead have the opportunity to attend a fun event without even leaving your building. 

Free Amenities

In addition to one-off community events, apartment communities also offer numerous amenities that are free to residents. These include spaces and equipment that residents can utilize, such as lounges, business centers, and gyms, as well as recurring activities like group fitness classes or community karaoke nights. 

New Friends

It’s tough to make friends as an adult, especially in the current environment where socializing opportunities are limited. But in an apartment community, you have numerous opportunities to meet friends that could be just down the hallway! If your building offers community events or recurring activities like group fitness classes, this gives you the chance to interact with and hopefully form relationships with your neighbors. 

Supportive Community

Many people who live in apartment communities, especially in large metro areas, may have moved to that city independently. It can feel lonely and isolating to live in a big city with your family living somewhere else. But living in a luxury apartment complex is not isolating; in fact, everyone from the concierge to the property managers to the residents themselves come together to create a supportive, compassionate environment that people want to live in.

Power for Life Fitness can help you offer these benefits to your residents. For more information, contact us at 

Creating Your New Year Vision Board

Creating Your New Year Vision Board

Many people, especially those who set goals around their health and wellness, use the New Year to evaluate their goals and the progress they’ve made and recommit or create new objectives for the coming year. Some people write out a list and then keep it on their phone, in their planner, or displayed in their office, while others create a vision board. If you’ve never made one before, here’s why you should consider putting one together for 2022 and how to get started.

The most significant difference between a list and a vision board is putting images to your goals. Visualizing the type of body you want, the healthy meals you want to cook, or the race you want to finish—and even better, physically seeing that visual daily—can improve motivation and increase your chances of success. The act of making a vision board will help you clarify your objectives since it forces you to choose specific images to associate with your goals, and this clarity can help define the path you need to take to achieve them. It also allows you to be creative and a little artistic, which you may not have the chance to do in the work you do every day. But if you don’t consider yourself artistic or creative, fear not: You can create a Pinterest page that serves as your vision board or even make a digital collage using an app like Canva. 

To get started, you first need to make a list of some of the goals you want to achieve in the coming year. Once you have those in mind, go image hunting! For a physical vision board, you can flip through magazines and catalogs or print photos and inspirational words and phrases from the internet. The only rule: Everything on your vision board should make you feel inspired and happy. They can be specific images, like a bushel of bright green avocados if it’s something you want to eat more of, or a picture of trees or flowers to remind you to spend more time outdoors. If you’re using words and phrases, they should be short, things like “find balance” or “walk.” 

Once your vision board is made, put it somewhere you will see it! For it to be effective, you need to see your vision board regularly. If you make a digital one, consider making it the lock screen on your phone or the screensaver on your laptop. It should be inescapable. The more visible and present it is, the more opportunities for you to feel energized, inspired, and happy throughout the day. 

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Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Holiday Spirit to Your Apartment

Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Holiday Spirit to Your Apartment

Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the best ways to get into the spirit of the season. And while every craft, department, and home goods store is packed to the gills with decorations, you don’t have to break the bank to turn your apartment into an ode to the festive. Here are some budget-friendly strategies for making your apartment merry and bright this season. 

Make Your Own Decorations
If you don’t want to buy decorations, make them instead! Show off your crafting skills with handmade signs, ornaments, snowflakes, garlands, and more—all you need for most holiday decorations is colored paper, scissors, string, a glue stick, and perhaps some glitter to make things sparkle. Homemade decorations won’t only bring the festive spirit to your home but making them is also a great activity to do as a family. Plus, you can save the decorations to use year after year. 

Display Cards and Gifts
So you’re not the artistic, crafty type. That’s okay! You can use cards you receive from friends and loved ones and gifts you buy for your family to add cheer to your apartment. Display holiday cards on tables, counters, and windowsills around your home. As you purchase them, wrap gifts and then keep them in a prominent place in your apartment, such as under a tree, in the corner of the living room or at the base of your entertainment center. Wrapping paper and gift bags are decorative in their own right, so keeping your presents out instead of tucked in a closet until the holiday is an easy way to add holiday spirit to your space. 

Hang Ornaments Anywhere
Say you have a box of ornaments in storage but no room for a tree in your apartment (or in your budget). No problem! Ornaments can be hung or displayed anywhere in your home. If you have traditional ball ornaments, you can use them to fill a glass vase or place them on candlesticks instead of candles. Any shape or size ornaments can be strung up at a window or in an empty picture frame, hung from a chandelier, or attached to a wreath. This way, you still get to enjoy the beauty of your ornaments even if you do so in an untraditional way.
Shop Outside
Looking at many of the holiday decorations available for purchase, you’ll notice pinecones, berries, branches, and leaves. In other words, you’ll see many things you can find in the park or courtyard of your building! Head outside and collect some of these things, then hang them in doorways or across windows or arrange them into a centerpiece. The best part about “shopping” in nature for your holiday decor: It’s completely free!

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How Foam Rolling Can Boost Your Fitness

How Foam Rolling Can Boost Your Fitness

Most people get into fitness for the results. And they think that in order to get speedy results, they need to work out as hard as they can and as much as they can. But many people don’t know that taking the time to help your body recover from strenuous workouts can go far towards helping you achieve those results even faster. One way to do so is to incorporate foam rolling into your routine.

A foam roller is exactly as it sounds: It’s a long, cylindrical piece of foam that comes in varying degrees of softness and different textures. To use it, you place it on the ground beneath the muscle you want to target, say your hamstring, for example, you put as much weight on that body part as feels good and slowly roll back and forth. There are different sizes of foam rollers you can use depending on the muscle you want to work.

In addition to relieving muscle soreness and tightness, foam rolling targets the fascia, a layer of tissue beneath the skin that essentially covers the entire body. When fascia is healthy, which it is if you’re regularly active and eating a nutritious diet, it will be flexible and supple. But things like a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, unhealthy eating habits, and overexercising can cause the fascia to tighten and clump, leading to pain and decreased range of motion. In the same way, a shoulder massage can get rid of knots in your neck, shoulders, and upper back, foam rolling can work out these clumps in the fascia to improve mobility and flexibility and eliminate soreness. 

So, how does foam rolling help you see results faster? If you’re keeping your muscles and your fascia loose and flexible, your risk of injury significantly decreases. It also means that you’ll be able to continuously build upon and progress your workouts, lifting more weight and running farther and faster without too much soreness. To get the benefits, consider incorporating foam rolling into your weekly or daily exercise routine, rolling after a hard workout or on a recovery day. Then the next time you work out, you’ll feel loose, energized, and ready to go!

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How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle in the Winter

How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle in the Winter

Once the leaves fall off the trees and the days get shorter, it can be tempting to hole up in your apartment under a blanket and wait until spring. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can put your fitness on hold. It is possible to maintain an active lifestyle in the winter, even if you aren’t a fan of chilly temperatures, and here’s how. 

The first thing to remember: Many healthy outdoor activities are just as, if not more enjoyable in the winter than they are in the warmer months. Without leaves on the trees, the views from hikes become much more expansive and impressive, and trails and parks have fewer walkers, runners, and bikers on them, leaving more space and fewer distractions. The key is dressing so that you aren’t bothered by the cold. Layers, hats, gloves, and scarves will make you comfortable and maybe even warm on sunny days, especially if you can get out on the weekends during the warmest hours in the middle of the day.  

Some winter-specific activities will double as an opportunity to socialize, like ice-skating or snowshoeing. Seek these out in your city!

If you’re opposed to being outside on days you can see your breath, take advantage of your property’s healthy amenities, like the fitness center or free group fitness classes offered by Power For Life Fitness. You can also use the building, walking up and down the stairs or the hallways to get your cardio in or completing workouts in your apartment. 

When you exercise outdoors in the winter, warming up and stretching become more important. Cold means your muscles are tighter, so your risk of injury increases if you aren’t warming up before starting or stretching enough when you’re done. If you drive to a hike, make sure you complete a few stretches before you head home—climbing right into the car and then sitting still for an extended period can cause your muscles to tighten up, increasing soreness and injury risk.

Features to Look for in an Apartment Community

Features to Look for in an Apartment Community

Gone are the days when the only factors to consider in your apartment search were the number of bedrooms and the monthly rent. Over the last few years, the apartment buildings in major metro areas around the country have spent time and money adding features and amenities in hopes of attracting new and lasting tenants. Here, four features to consider when you’re shopping for your next apartment. 


In addition to the lock on your apartment’s door, different communities are going to have various layers of security, and you may want to think about how many you need. Do you want to live in a building with a doorman on the clock 24/7? Many communities will have that as an option. Most buildings will require a code or a scan to enter from outside during certain hours, but some also require a code to use the elevator or enter the hallways where apartments are from the community spaces. The number of layers of security between the outside and your apartment door is something you may want to consider. 

Shared Spaces

In the past, apartment buildings consisted of just apartments. But many of today’s luxury apartment communities also offer shared spaces such as a fitness center, business center, library, lounge, courtyard, pool, or roof deck. If you see yourself utilizing any of these spaces, it’s worth seeking out a property that offers them. 

Free Amenities

Shared spaces are great to have, but many communities go one step further and offer complimentary amenities held in those spaces. These may include group fitness classes (like those provided by Power For Life Fitness), community events like trivia and game nights, or events with local businesses. If you want the chance to socialize or improve your health without even living in your apartment building, these sorts of amenities are worth thinking about.

Pet Policy

Do you have a pet? Are you planning to get one? You’re going to want an apartment building that allows pets. Are you allergic to dogs or cats? Is silence vital to you at home? Then you may wish to live in a pet-free property. All things to consider when looking for your future home. 

Even though it means there are more factors to consider in your apartment search, one thing is clear for prospective renters: Today’s apartment communities offer more amenities than ever before.

Top Wellness Apps We’re Using Right Now

Top Wellness Apps We’re Using Right Now

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, and perhaps the most challenging part is holding yourself accountable and sticking to your goals. While it’s fantastic if you’re attending a weekly group fitness class or cooking a healthy dinner a few nights a week, it’s the hours in between during which it can be tough to stay on track. That’s where apps come in: Using the resources on your smartphone can help you meet your goals while improving your physical and mental health. Here are four of our favorites. 

Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily
Drinking water is a critical component of overall health, yet many of us don’t drink enough. This free app helps you track how much water you’re drinking, but it also goes beyond that. By entering some information like your weight and activity level, you can receive personalized water intake recommendations based on what you’re doing on a given day. What’s more, the app will send you notifications reminding you to drink water if you’re falling behind, plus it has a bedtime mode so that you won’t receive those notifications at night. 

To create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to develop healthy habits. And to develop habits, you have to repeat tasks until they become second nature and part of your daily routine. This task tracker app is the ultimate habit supporter. Available for $4.99 in the App Store, you can track up to 24 tasks each day, and there are over 600 to choose from—varying from ultra-simple things like brushing your teeth to more complex tasks like running a certain number of miles. The app will track how many days in a row you complete a task, plus allows you to share tasks so you and your friends can keep each other accountable. 

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer
If you’re looking for a simple app that will help you squeeze more exercise into your day, look no further than this one. This free app offers workouts ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes long, with some targeted at specific muscle groups while others work the entire body. Every exercise is demonstrated in a video by a certified personal trainer, but most workouts don’t require an internet connection to watch. If you’re looking for more challenging activities after a while, you can purchase the full version of this app, which comes with more options. 

While it’s obvious to most people how to exercise their abs or legs, nurturing their mental health is less obvious. Enter the Headspace app, which features hundreds of guided audio meditations of varying lengths that can help you reduce stress, sleep better and improve focus. To give it a shot, you can try the free Basics course before purchasing an annual or monthly subscription.

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Virtual Activities for Residents Still in Isolation

Virtual Activities for Residents Still in Isolation

As a larger percentage of the population is vaccinated every day, people are starting to feel more and more comfortable returning to normal life—just in time for summer, when more activities can be done outdoors. Even so, there are some group activities that we may not want to do in the late summer heat or that simply can’t be done outside. Here are some of the virtual activities Power for Life Fitness is still offering for residents to participate in from the comfort of their apartments. 

Livestream Fitness Classes
P4LF continues to offer weekly group fitness classes taught by our certified and experienced instructors in a variety of formats, including yoga, Zumba, strength training and more. These classes are taught live, so participants are able to ask questions and instructors can offer modifications in real time, making for an experience much more akin to an in-person group fitness class than a pre-recorded workout video. We also offer one-off special classes, such as Tibetan sound bowl meditation, for residents interested in trying new formats. 

Cooking Demos and Events
At the beginning of the pandemic, lots of people dove headfirst into improving their skills in the kitchen. While many have likely slowed down in this pursuit, it’s always fun to try a new recipe or learn a new cooking technique. We offer chef-led cooking demonstrations featuring seasonal ingredients and techniques as well as more focused cooking events, such as ice cream making—perfect for the humid days ahead!

Games and Crafts
For folks who want to relax and have fun, we also offer virtual games and crafting events. These include activities like trivia, scavenger hunts and terrarium-building workshops, which give residents a chance to interact with other members of their community and maybe even make something with their hands, all from the comfort of their own home. 

If you’re interested in any of these activities or want to know if you have access to them, reach out to your building’s leasing office!