The rental business, by nature, is a volatile one. More than 100 million Americans rent, yet they are outnumbered two to one by homeowners—and in most cases, renting a home is a stepping stone on the path to purchasing one. In the United States, the average lease term for an apartment is only one year, so owners and properties managers are constantly tasked with adding amenities and improving offerings in order to attract new residents. 

But as the years go by, the offerings that will successfully attract new residents change as well. The priorities of young Americans who make up the majority of renters have shifted over the years and today, especially in urban areas, many of those priorities revolve around convenience and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Renters want everything they need and desire right at their fingertips, and that includes facilities and services that make it easier for them to make healthy choices when it comes to eating and exercise. Power for Life Fitness can help attract those prospective health-conscious residents. 

Aside from the time commitment required to travel to and from a gym, the second biggest deterrent for people is the cost of membership. With memberships to large gyms creeping close to $100 per month and boutique studios charging nearly $30 per class, the financial aspect of fitness is a hindrance to many people interested in pursuing it. Power for Life Fitness eliminates this obstacle; the group fitness classes are completely free to residents of the communities. When renters are considering moving into a new building, they tend to choose the building where they feel like they are getting the most for their money. Starting a property tour with a prospective resident touting free group fitness classes right in the building is a powerful way to build immediate interest in the property. 

These days, the fitness center is a required stop on any property tour with a new resident. However, especially for prospective residents who might be interested in pursuing fitness but haven’t yet started their journey, the presence of a fitness center is only a minor draw. What’s more, an apartment building fitness center can only hold so many machines and pieces of equipment, so the absence of a stair climber or a pull up station might be a turn-off for an experienced exerciser. But with Power for Life Fitness in the building offering fitness classes that are new, challenging and change over time, the experienced exerciser is given a fun and interesting new opportunity. Likewise, seasoned, motivating instructors are on hand to guide and teach inexperienced residents.

When it comes to acquiring new residents, as diverse as their wellness goals may be, Power for Life Fitness will help peak interest, seal the deal and have them signing a lease in no time.  

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