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Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the best ways to get into the spirit of the season. And while every craft, department, and home goods store is packed to the gills with decorations, you don’t have to break the bank to turn your apartment into an ode to the festive. Here are some budget-friendly strategies for making your apartment merry and bright this season. 

Make Your Own Decorations
If you don’t want to buy decorations, make them instead! Show off your crafting skills with handmade signs, ornaments, snowflakes, garlands, and more—all you need for most holiday decorations is colored paper, scissors, string, a glue stick, and perhaps some glitter to make things sparkle. Homemade decorations won’t only bring the festive spirit to your home but making them is also a great activity to do as a family. Plus, you can save the decorations to use year after year. 

Display Cards and Gifts
So you’re not the artistic, crafty type. That’s okay! You can use cards you receive from friends and loved ones and gifts you buy for your family to add cheer to your apartment. Display holiday cards on tables, counters, and windowsills around your home. As you purchase them, wrap gifts and then keep them in a prominent place in your apartment, such as under a tree, in the corner of the living room or at the base of your entertainment center. Wrapping paper and gift bags are decorative in their own right, so keeping your presents out instead of tucked in a closet until the holiday is an easy way to add holiday spirit to your space. 

Hang Ornaments Anywhere
Say you have a box of ornaments in storage but no room for a tree in your apartment (or in your budget). No problem! Ornaments can be hung or displayed anywhere in your home. If you have traditional ball ornaments, you can use them to fill a glass vase or place them on candlesticks instead of candles. Any shape or size ornaments can be strung up at a window or in an empty picture frame, hung from a chandelier, or attached to a wreath. This way, you still get to enjoy the beauty of your ornaments even if you do so in an untraditional way.
Shop Outside
Looking at many of the holiday decorations available for purchase, you’ll notice pinecones, berries, branches, and leaves. In other words, you’ll see many things you can find in the park or courtyard of your building! Head outside and collect some of these things, then hang them in doorways or across windows or arrange them into a centerpiece. The best part about “shopping” in nature for your holiday decor: It’s completely free!

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