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We are always looking for great instructors and trainers, and we offer certification training!

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Personal Training

Let our professionals help you achieve your goals. Whether you need a different approach, an accountability partner, or just dont know where to begin we are here to help!

4 Training Sessions

$340 per package expires in 3 months.

8 Training Sessions

$600 per package expires in 6 months.

Friend Fit

It is much easier to stay the course and achieve goals with a partner. Have a friend with similar fitness goals?

4 Training Sessions

$280 per person for 2 people

$240 per person for 3-4 people

Expires in 3 months.

8 Training Sessions

$480 per person for 2 people

$400 per person for 3-4 people

Expires in 6 months.

Nutrition and lifestyle play a much bigger role in health, healing, and medicine than they get credit for!

We have the knowledge and commitment to help you. Whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or just cleaning up your diet - our experts come to you!!

Clean up your diet!
Talk to a professional about your current eating habits and get recommendations to help improve your health!!
With this package you get one consultation and one follow up session to provide you with a diet plan.


4 Nutrition sessions
Are you trying to achieve weight loss, muscle gain, or just better eating habits?
With this package you get one consultation and three follow up sessions to ensure you're on the right path!!

$380 per package ($95 per session)

8 Nutrition sessions
If you're looking for a little more assistance, then this is the plan for you!
With this package you get one consultation and seven follow up sessions to ensure your on the right path and give you the additional guidance to succeed.

$680 per package ($85 per session)

Meet Our Wellness Professionals



Personal Trainer

Ron is a experienced Fitness/Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer in the DMV area with a passion for leading, educating, and inspiring everyone to a life of health and wellness. In addition he serves as a Beachbody® Master Trainer educating and mentoring the next fitness leaders.

Ron is best known best for his comprehensive and fun approach and ability to motivate. No matter the audience his goal is always the same: EDUCATION, SAFETY, and RESULTS



Personal Trainer

My life is based on movement. I believe that the best things are done while in positive motion! That is how I attack my health and fitness by always learning, growing, maturing and above all doing! I want to help others realize that physical activity and motion breeds positivity and value in life, let’s do that together.

NASM CPT, Weightlifting, Cardio, Overall Functionality focused.



Julia is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is licensed to practice medical nutritional therapyin Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. She currently works in pediatric weight management at the obesity institute for Children’s National Health System. Julia worked as a nutritionist for the USDA’s WIC program (Women, Infant, Children) providing nutritional counseling for pregnant and breastfeeding women, formula feeding for infants, and helped families transition their children to a regular diet as they grow.


Personal Trainer

Michael believes obtaining optimal health, according to one’s own beliefs, is nothing short of attainable.  Michael incorporates strength & conditioning, balance, power, coordination, endurance, and flexibility into his programs. Michael brings high levels of charisma, focus, and perception to each training session.
Michael’s holds Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and personal training certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).


Personal Trainer

Karl has served as a fitness professional for three years in the DMV area. Karl has various experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Karl’s love and passion for fitness comes from his athletic background as an NCAA Division 3 athlete in football and track/field. Karl’s goal for his clients are from them see results and have fun!


Class Schedule


Time: 7pm Monday

Location: Group Exercise Studio

This cardio and strength training format is a great for people just getting started in fitness as well as seasoned gym goers looking to mix it up. You will get a great workout, great foundation and have fun while sweating it out with your neighbors.

Benefits: Muscle strengthening and toning, increased endurance, and full body workout.


Time: 7:15pm Tuesday/ 9am Saturday

Location: Group Exercise Studio

This low impact exercise challenges the muscles but allows you the freedom to forget your stress focus, on breathing, clear your mind and find your inner peace.

Benefits:Increased flexibility, mindfulness, better balance and stability.


Time: 7pm Wednesday

Location: Group Exercise Studio

This doesn’t feel like working out it is a party – exercise has never been so fun! This super fun, easy to follow cardio dance class combines high energy and motivating music.

Benefits:Calorie burning workout, Increased endurance, Improved coordination.


Time: 6:45pm Thursday

Location: Group Exercise Studio

Tone and sculpt your body with no impact to your joints. Hydrofit is an awesome blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles. Get in the pool and have some fun.

Benefits: Low Impact, Cardio, Resistance training.

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