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Many people, especially those who set goals around their health and wellness, use the New Year to evaluate their goals and the progress they’ve made and recommit or create new objectives for the coming year. Some people write out a list and then keep it on their phone, in their planner, or displayed in their office, while others create a vision board. If you’ve never made one before, here’s why you should consider putting one together for 2022 and how to get started.

The most significant difference between a list and a vision board is putting images to your goals. Visualizing the type of body you want, the healthy meals you want to cook, or the race you want to finish—and even better, physically seeing that visual daily—can improve motivation and increase your chances of success. The act of making a vision board will help you clarify your objectives since it forces you to choose specific images to associate with your goals, and this clarity can help define the path you need to take to achieve them. It also allows you to be creative and a little artistic, which you may not have the chance to do in the work you do every day. But if you don’t consider yourself artistic or creative, fear not: You can create a Pinterest page that serves as your vision board or even make a digital collage using an app like Canva. 

To get started, you first need to make a list of some of the goals you want to achieve in the coming year. Once you have those in mind, go image hunting! For a physical vision board, you can flip through magazines and catalogs or print photos and inspirational words and phrases from the internet. The only rule: Everything on your vision board should make you feel inspired and happy. They can be specific images, like a bushel of bright green avocados if it’s something you want to eat more of, or a picture of trees or flowers to remind you to spend more time outdoors. If you’re using words and phrases, they should be short, things like “find balance” or “walk.” 

Once your vision board is made, put it somewhere you will see it! For it to be effective, you need to see your vision board regularly. If you make a digital one, consider making it the lock screen on your phone or the screensaver on your laptop. It should be inescapable. The more visible and present it is, the more opportunities for you to feel energized, inspired, and happy throughout the day. 

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