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The rental market for apartments is crowded and competitive, especially in the country’s largest metro areas, and is only growing more so. Indeed, there are cities around the country, like Newark, New Jersey and Miami, Florida, in which higher than 65 percent of residents are renters, and with high demand comes intense competition. Rental properties are being forced to take more and more steps to stand out to prospective residents who are looking for the maximum return on their investment. One step that will help properties instantly rise to the top of the pile: Partnering with Power for Life Fitness.

Having Power For Life Fitness in your property will help attract both renters who are passionate about fitness and those who aren’t. When it comes to prospective residents for whom fitness is a priority, free group fitness classes and the opportunity to work with personal trainers, chefs and nutritionists on-site can be an enormous draw. For those who are not prioritizing wellness at the time that they are searching for a new rental, the presence of Power For Life Fitness signals to them that the property cares about the well-being of its residents. Not to mention, those renters may choose to undertake a healthier lifestyle in the future, and if they do, it will be that much easier for them to do so. 

A partnership with Power For Life Fitness can also help you retain residents in a time when lease retention is hovering around just 50 percent. According to a study, two of the top seven factors that influence whether residents renew their lease are management of the property and community amenities. Power For Life Fitness can be a one-stop shop in terms of interactive amenities, with offerings including group fitness classes, cooking demonstrations and other events, for which Power For Life Fitness will handle all planning and organization. For residents who prefer to interact with property managers as little as possible, organized and appealing community events and offerings communicate to residents that management is taking steps to improve the experience of living in the building. And with Power For Life Fitness, this communication occurs with little to no extra work on the part of the property managers.

So what are you waiting for? Get a leg up on the competition with Power For Life Fitness today!

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