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No matter how hard you train or how much you push yourself during your workouts, you may find yourself hitting a plateau every once in a while. It may take the form of boredom with the workouts you used to find challenging or exciting, or it may be that your results start to slow down or stop. If you do reach a point like this, it doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your entire exercise regimen. In fact, there are some small and easy changes you can make that will help you bust through the plateau and maybe even turbocharge your results. 

Do Something New
No, this doesn’t mean you need to start going to dance fitness classes if you’ve only ever used the machines at the gym (though if you do want to do this, the group fitness classes from Power for Life Fitness are a great place to start!). Simply tweaking how you use your muscles can help work them in a new way that will be both mentally and physically challenging. For example, if you typically use the leg press machine to work your glutes, hamstrings and quads, try heading out to the floor to do some squats holding dumbbells at your sides. Or if you usually work your chest with push-ups, try chest presses or chest flies instead. Attacking the same muscle groups from a different angle may be all you need to jumpstart results. 

Incorporate Drop Sets
Drop sets are a fun way to take your training to the next level that will work your muscles more while actually feeling easy. How? A drop set is when you do a certain number of reps of an exercise with one weight, then you switch to a lighter weight and immediately do another set. For example, you could do a set of 10 bent-over rows with 15-pound dumbbells, then immediately do a set of 15 with 8-pound dumbbells. Drop sets are a great way to maximize muscle building and endurance because they help you complete more repetitions total than you would have been able to do without dropping in weight.

Try Intervals
Research continues to tout the benefits of high intensity intervals for increasing fat burning, improving endurance and more. Therefore, if you aren’t already using them, they are a great way to boost results and break through a plateau. If you’re doing mostly cardio, you can start by incorporating just two or three intervals (where you push yourself as hard as you can) as short as 20 seconds long or up to one minute into the middle of your run, walk, bike ride or elliptical session. You can even bring your own intervals into a group fitness class, pushing harder through the chorus of a song in Zumba, for example. If they start to feel easy, try increasing the number of intervals or their length or reducing the amount of rest time you give yourself in between. 

No matter what you do to take your training to the next level, remember our team here at Power For Life Fitness has the tools to help you meet your fitness goals. Email to learn how we can boost your fitness routine with our personal trainers and classes.