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Nearly six months into the Covid-19 pandemic, there are days when we feel like we’ve been doing the same thing for months on end and others when we feel like everything is changing. Trying to keep up with the shifting regulations and the ever-changing needs of our families can be exhausting—and it can pull our focus away from ourselves. But in order to show up for others, we need to be able to show up for ourselves first. With that in mind, Power for Life Fitness is introducing a September self-care challenge. 

Taking time to care for your physical, mental and emotional self is critical to help you stay healthy, happy and fulfilled. It will make you a better child, parent, sibling, friend and coworker. You’ll be calmer, less anxious and more energized (for more of the benefits, check out this video on the perks of self-care). 


The best part: Tiny tweaks to your daily routine can help you take better care of yourself. You could try setting aside your phone or closing your laptop for an hour before bed each night, blocking out your to-do list and any news or current events causing you stress. You could block out time for a workout or activity that you enjoy, like a group fitness class with Power for Life Fitness. You could even meditate for five minutes or write in a journal.  

Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. Each week in September, we will be focusing on one small self-care change you can make in your daily routine that will result in big-time physical and mental health benefits. First, make sure you’re following Power for Life Fitness on Instagram. Every Sunday in September, we will post the following week’s goal on our Instagram story. Your job is to give it a try during the week at least once. Then on Friday, we’ll post a form on our story that you can screenshot, fill in, and share (don’t forget to tag Power for Life Fitness every time you share one of our self-care stories!). The more you participate via social, the greater your chances are of winning the grand prize: A $100 gift card to the store of your choice! Not to mention, you may discover a new habit that brings you joy and helps you better support yourself and your loved ones. 

We can’t wait to go on this self-care journey with you! Good luck and don’t forget to Sign Up HERE!

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