Is my property space suitable for classes?

Power For Life Fitness specializes in providing fitness programs to apartment communities. With that said we can provide classes in a multitude of different spaces. Having a dedicated space (ex: yoga studio, etc.) is ideal, however we can also use community rooms with open space, vacant apartments, rooftops and open court yards. Before we begin we will perform a site evaluation to determine what spaces and classes will work best for your community.

What classes do you offer?

We provide all of your mainstream classes Spin, Zumba, Yoga, Bootcamp and the list goes on. We will survey your residents before recommending and providing a class offering. We want to ensure we offer the classes your residents are asking for!


Power For Life Fitness has been in business 5 years and works with 19 different property management companies. We are familiar and compliant with most insurance requirements and should be able to meet property insurance requirements. Our fitness professionals are nationally certified, insured and have been nationally background checked.

What packages do you offer?

Our most popular package is weekly class offerings, meaning providing a class at least once a week. We offer event based fitness classes however single classes are priced differently then a consistent weekly class.

If I offer a once a week class can I rotate the class and offer different classes? No – for consistency and logistical purposes we offer one class format at a time. If you want to offer a different format the following month, we can certainly change class formats according to staff availability.

What can you expect

Our process is designed to make offering a fitness program as easily and as streamlined as possible. Once you have decided to move forward with providing a fitness program we will begin with the following steps.

  1. Resident Survey and Site Evaluation
    • This is to determine what classes your property can offer from a space standpoint.
    • Determine what classes and schedule will be most successful.
  2. Determine class schedule and instructor availability.
  3. Set a meeting to discuss all of the procedures and set expectations and determine marketing strategy
  4. Provide marketing materials to ensure successful awareness of your program for perspective and current tenants. We will work within your building limits to ensure we are providing you the right materials some examples of our marketing are as follows:
    • Flyers
    • Banners
    • Welcome gifts\Move in packet materials
    • And more

How to get started

Contact us and let us know you’re ready to begin! We will setup a call to discuss your property specifics, perform a site evaluation and provide a resident survey to determine what our recommended class offerings would be. Click here to schedule a call and begin the process.

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