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Gone are the days when the only factors to consider in your apartment search were the number of bedrooms and the monthly rent. Over the last few years, the apartment buildings in major metro areas around the country have spent time and money adding features and amenities in hopes of attracting new and lasting tenants. Here, four features to consider when you’re shopping for your next apartment. 


In addition to the lock on your apartment’s door, different communities are going to have various layers of security, and you may want to think about how many you need. Do you want to live in a building with a doorman on the clock 24/7? Many communities will have that as an option. Most buildings will require a code or a scan to enter from outside during certain hours, but some also require a code to use the elevator or enter the hallways where apartments are from the community spaces. The number of layers of security between the outside and your apartment door is something you may want to consider. 

Shared Spaces

In the past, apartment buildings consisted of just apartments. But many of today’s luxury apartment communities also offer shared spaces such as a fitness center, business center, library, lounge, courtyard, pool, or roof deck. If you see yourself utilizing any of these spaces, it’s worth seeking out a property that offers them. 

Free Amenities

Shared spaces are great to have, but many communities go one step further and offer complimentary amenities held in those spaces. These may include group fitness classes (like those provided by Power For Life Fitness), community events like trivia and game nights, or events with local businesses. If you want the chance to socialize or improve your health without even living in your apartment building, these sorts of amenities are worth thinking about.

Pet Policy

Do you have a pet? Are you planning to get one? You’re going to want an apartment building that allows pets. Are you allergic to dogs or cats? Is silence vital to you at home? Then you may wish to live in a pet-free property. All things to consider when looking for your future home. 

Even though it means there are more factors to consider in your apartment search, one thing is clear for prospective renters: Today’s apartment communities offer more amenities than ever before.