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Even though people are staying home as much as possible these days, those homes are still changing frequently. According to a survey from apartment search website RentCafé, the percentage of renters willing to move as soon as they found a new apartment was 62% in April, during the height of the pandemic. So while you may not have as many prospective residents visiting your property, they are still out there shopping. And wellness amenities, like those offered by Power for Life Fitness, can help you close the sale. 

Your property likely has a well-designed and eye-catching website to pique the interest of prospective residents, but there are only so many features and amenities that can be successfully understood from a website. For example, it can be difficult to glean apartment dimensions, flooring materials and closet sizes from photos taken to maximize a unit’s appeal. On the other hand, wellness amenities are virtually impossible to misconstrue. If photos of a fitness center show four treadmills, there will be no confusion among prospective residents about what four treadmills are going to look like in person.  

Free group fitness classes are even easier to advertise on your website. The benefits of a group fitness class don’t require photos or an in-person visit for future residents to understand. All they need to know is that if they lived in your property, they would have the opportunity to attend classes run by professional, experienced instructors from the comfort of their apartment building. Likewise, the option to have a personal trainer come to the building to work with them on their own schedule needs no further in-person explanation. The draw that these wellness amenities offer, which is impossible to be misconstrued or undersold, may be enough to convince prospective residents to visit your building or make a move. 

Interested in learning more about how Power for Life Fitness can help you convert more leads? Contact us today!

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