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When considering how to spend their extended time at home, many people are likely watching more movies and television than normal, and understandably so. These forms of entertainment can provide a pick-me-up and an escape from the comfort and safety of your couch or your bed. But if you’re on your fourth new series and are looking for a different fun and stimulating activity, try one of these five ideas:

Cook a New Recipe

One of the most common reasons folks give for why they don’t cook more is that they don’t have time—which is why now is the perfect time to brush the dust off your cookbooks and try a new recipe. If your experience in the kitchen is limited, start with something simple like a spaghetti sauce that you can let simmer on the stove for hours while relaxing or doing other things. If you’ve always wanted to try baking, a basic cake, cheesecake, cupcake or brownie recipe would be a good place to start. Or for amateur bakers, now would be the perfect time to try a bread or other yeasted recipe that needs time to proof before going into the oven. 

Play a Board Game

With no sports to watch, it’s possible that your competitive spirit might be feeling dim. Enter board games! In a time of monotony, board games can be a fun and dynamic family activity that will help pass the time and get your competitive juices flowing. If games that involve moving pieces across or around a board are not your cup of tea, try a card-based game like Apples to Apples or even a straight card game like Uno or Rummy. The fun of the game coupled with the nostalgia will instantly brighten your mood.

Try an Exercise Class

Another way to increase energy levels and help improve your mood: An at-home workout. Many paid exercise subscription services are offering extended free trials, so sign up and try some online workouts in your favorite format. YouTube is also home to a variety of workouts that can be a fun and healthy way to pass the time. Or if you live in a Power for Life Fitness apartment community, you can take advantage of the always-free daily livestream classes. If you don’t have the schedule, check in with your property manager. Or if you don’t live in a P4LF community, check out our classes on YouTube.

Read a Book

Whether you’re an avid reader who always wishes you had more time to dive into a book or a doer who hasn’t picked up a book in ages, now is the perfect time to read, and read with gusto. Open the book on your shelf that you’ve been saving for a rainy day or swap a book with your neighbor or a family member. Libraries may be closed, but you can still borrow e-books or purchase them online. If you prefer hard copies, check out, where you can order books online while supporting independent bookstores.  

Challenge Your Mind

Especially important if you aren’t working from home during quarantine, it’s easy to keep your mind sharp while still having fun with brain games. Gather around your dining room table to complete a jigsaw puzzle, test your vocabulary with a crossword puzzle, see how quickly you can complete a sudoku or hold a family trivia night. There are plenty of free puzzles and trivia games available online and through smartphone apps. Some companies and organizations are even holding “bar trivia” nights via video conferencing, so you can grab a drink and pop in. 

How are you passing the time during the pandemic? Tag us in your stories on Instagram (@powerforlifefitness) – We’d love to hear and SEE it! 

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