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In case you didn’t know, wellness is a $4.2 trillion industry and is growing faster than the global economy. Let that sink in for a moment…

Though it may come as no surprise that the wellness industry is booming, what’s ultimately ironic, is that we spend spend trillions of dollars on sick care, pharmaceuticals, and medical technologies, when the problems we are trying to solve are merely created by our own living environments. If we shifted our resources and investments into the places that give us the best returns on our health –  our homes and communities, we’d be a lot happier and most importantly, healthier.

So what does this mean for a property owner or manager in today’s real estate market? 

Wellness for most people has evolved from hardly to daily, and from a luxury to a valued lifestyle. This means that when residents are looking for their future home, or the spot they’ll call home for the next few years, it includes the amenities on their checklist that will provide them with a healthier lifestyle. 

This is where you come in.

As a property manager, you have the power to provide your residents with a healthier lifestyle, all while increasing your ROI, as properties with wellness-focused amenities sell for anywhere between 10 percent to 25 percent more than traditional luxury properties. In fact, this rapid demand for a wellness lifestyle in real estate and communities is a reason why The Global Wellness Institute predicts residential real estate is the next frontier that will be radically transformed by the wellness movement. 

Still think your property can get by without adding a gym, or better yet, fitness classes to keep your residents healthy and happy? Now is the time to make your move before your property misses out on the residential wellness train that is clearly passing by. 

If your not familiar with Power For Life Fitness, we specialize in designing fitness based programs that create an engaging environment for your current residents, not to mention it’s a standout marketing feature for prospective tenants. On top of that, our residential fitness experts create specific programs tailored to your individual property with resident retention and prospect acquisition in mind.

Ready to get started building your property’s program? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your gym space or property.

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