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Why do residents choose to renew their apartment leases? The physical characteristics of the apartment itself play a large role, to be sure, as do the available amenities. But next on the list? Whether or not the residents feel cared about and supported by the property management and if they feel that their needs are being prioritized. One of the easiest ways for a property to convey this to its residents is through special events. Here, discover why specialty fitness classes are one of the best options for such events. 

Events in residential buildings can only be successful if residents show up. The primary reason they would is if they are being offered a service or an experience that either they would not get otherwise or would have to pay for. Gym memberships have become increasingly more expensive of late, so residents who may have been forced to cancel a gym membership for financial reasons are likely to come out to a special free class. Likewise, if it is a trendy new format, such as barre or meditation, people who do attend other classes might be interested in trying it out in order to expand their workout repertoire or simple try something new. 

Then there is the matter of resident personalities. In the era of online social networks, people are much less familiar and friendly with their neighbors than they once were. For this reason, the prospect of socializing can be a deterrent for residents to attend events. If the event is a fitness class, there is no socializing necessary; they can arrive, take the class, and leave of their own accord, which can make the event that much more appealing to younger residents.

Finally, for buildings that already offer free group fitness classes, one-off specialty classes can be a great way to spur interest in the existing schedule. Holding a class in a format that is already offered, just on a different day and time, might make residents more likely to try it and then more likely to come out to the weekly class. Holding a class in a format that is not offered can still peak interest in the fitness program as a whole, as well as offer a way to gauge resident wishes for weekly classes—if a weekly yoga class is getting a low turn out but a one-off bootcamp draws 20 people, it might be a sign that it’s time for a schedule change. 

If classes are already being offered through a company like Power for Life Fitness, scheduling this type of event is that much easier than needing to engage a new vendor or shop for the supplies needed for other types of events. This engagement-boosting event is just one call or email away!

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