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Like many businesses, we at Power For Life Fitness have had to get a little creative in this time of social distancing with the ways we deliver fitness classes and sessions to the residents of our properties. While we haven’t been able to physically be in the fitness centers and meeting rooms, we are still delivering the intimate, personalized exercise experience we always have. Here’s how. 

Even though they both come into your home through a screen, Power For Life Fitness’s live group fitness classes deliver a much more engaging experience than a filmed, edited and produced workout video from a streaming service or platform. The reason: The instructor is teaching in real time, offering the feel of an in-person group fitness class from the comfort of your apartment. Just as they would if everyone were in the same room, residents can ask questions and request modifications as they need to, options that are impossible with a pre-filmed video. They can also look forward to the class changing and evolving in fun and surprising ways each week, which won’t happen in a pre-recorded workout. 

Other virtual fitness offerings in apartment buildings that are free to residents, such as Fitness On Demand, are accessible through a kiosk or video screen in the community fitness center, which has likely been closed to the public. Likewise, the majority of streaming and online workout programs that can be done from your living room require a subscription or a package purchase. Power For Life Fitness takes the best of both worlds, offering classes that are not only free to residents but are also streamed directly to their computers.

Finally, for folks who are not runners or cyclists, figuring out ways to maintain a safe fitness regimen during social distancing can be stressful. The virtual offerings from Power For Life Fitness, which also include virtual personal training sessions, eliminate this stress and allow residents to continue working towards their fitness goals. 

For more information on the virtual fitness offerings from Power For Life Fitness, contact us today

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