The benefits of retaining the residents currently occupying the units in your apartment building are vast and varied. Longer term residents mean higher lease renewal rates, fewer empty apartments that aren’t bringing in revenue, and a more reliable, trustworthy source of income than if you are welcoming new residents every year. In the current market, one of the simplest and most important ways to improve resident retention is by offering perks and amenities that your residents can’t live without. And when it comes to promoting wellness and the residents that are looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle, you can’t do better than the services offered by Power for Life Fitness.

As it compares to other fitness- and wellness-related amenities, Power for Life Fitness can’t be beat. A fully outfitted fitness center only caters to the residents who are already experienced exercisers; if a resident decides, midway through a lease, that he or she wants to pursue fitness for the first time, he or she might require more guidance and direction than the mere presence of a fitness center. If that resident is not ready to invest time and money in a gym membership and that guidance is not available in his or her apartment building, he or she would be more likely to move to a community that makes it easier and more convenient to pursue exercise—perhaps via the presence of personal trainers who could design programs or work with them in the gym.

Conversely, there might be a resident who has fallen off a fitness routine but wants to restart one. He or she knows how to use the equipment in the fitness center but lacks the motivation and discipline to use it, so he or she might move to a building that could provide that. This motivation could come in the form of weekly scheduled group fitness classes or monthly workshops.

According to one study that looked at New Years resolutions, only 64% of people stuck to their fitness-related goals for longer than one month and only 46% last longer than six months. That is to say that people are starting and stopping exercise regimens all the time; it is impossible to assume that your residents’ goals and lifestyles will not change while they are living in your building. But if you want to provide all the tools they need in the event that their goals do change and they want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, Power for Life Fitness can do just that.

For those who prefer a guided workout in a group fitness setting, Power for Life Fitness can provide group fitness classes completely free to residents. For those who want to utilize the machines and equipment in the gym, Power for Life Fitness employs personal trainers who will travel to the building and work with your residents there. For those who are interested in changing their diet or cooking habits, Power for Life Fitness has nutritionists, chefs and registered dieticians who can provide advice and recipes. Power for Life Fitness even provides events centered around health and wellness that will foster community and relationships among residents.

The lifestyles of apartment dwellers are constantly changing. To be ready to retain them if one of those changes is related to health and wellness, Power for Life Fitness is the best option for apartment communities.

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