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COVID-19 has drastically altered the ways in which people socialize and interact—especially in apartment buildings, where hundreds of people are living in close proximity. But since we’ve had a chance to adjust to these new rules of safe socialization, we have also discovered ways that you can remain connected with your community during a time in which large, in-person events are not an option. Here are three:

Incentives and Giveaways
The restrictions many states and counties have imposed in response to COVID-19 have likely limited how much your residents can use community spaces like fitness centers, pools and lounges—and it’s possible that these limitations have bred frustration and discontent. Acknowledging your residents’ frustrations will show them that you care about their well-being and value the fact that they chose to live in your building. Two ways to do this are with incentives and giveaways. If your property is able to do so, offer incentives for residents to renew their leases, such as offering paid parking or storage free for a month or two. You could also support local businesses by raffling off or giving away gift cards as a way to show your residents that you support and care for them.

Amenity Surveys
The combination of free time and inability to use amenities has likely illuminated in your residents which amenities they care about the most—and this information can be incredibly valuable to you as a property manager. Send out a quick survey to your residents with questions about what amenities they’ve missed the most, where your energy and efforts can be best directed, and what (if anything) you could have done better in response to the pandemic. Even though these extreme situations don’t happen often, they can be a useful tool for bettering your property going forward. 

Safe Outdoor Events
Evidence continues to mount that infection rates of COVID-19 are higher during indoor gatherings vs. outdoor, for reasons from how air conditioning increases airborne transmission to the simple fact that it’s more difficult to maintain social distancing in most indoor spaces. That being said, it is possible to host outdoor events for your residents in a safe manner. Check out our list of outdoor summer event ideas, which includes things like group fitness classes and trivia nights. And if you’re interested in hosting one, email us at today to learn how we can help!

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