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The first step prospective renters take when beginning their search for a new apartment community is to head to their laptops and search for buildings in their city. Here are three strategies to build out your digital presence and draw these potential tenants to your community. 

Prioritize the Location Connection

New renters are almost always starting with a location in mind, whether that’s a region, a city, or a neighborhood, which means that you want your community and its digital presence to be associated with a location. To do this, make sure your address is displayed prominently on the homepage of your website. Also, check to see if your website (or your property, for that matter) comes up when someone searches on Google Maps (or Apple Maps). You can fill out a Google Business profile and add photos, reviews, and other information to your listing. The more information tenants can get there without even clicking through to your website, the better.

Seek Out Reviews

Reviews are critical to the prospective renter; they want to know what living on your property is like. And according to a 2017 survey, 84% of people said they trust online reviews as much as they would personal recommendations. Consider asking happy, long-time residents to review your community—you could even offer incentives like additional amenities or prizes. It’s also important to have reviews in multiple locations online. For example, you should have some on your website, some in your Google Business profile, and some on sites like 

Grow Your Social Media

Establishing a solid social media presence can go far when retaining current residents and attracting new ones. You can use it to inform current residents about events, amenities, and other news and goings-on in your building, plus give them an avenue to communicate with you about their needs. You can also use it to showcase what it’s like living in your community for prospective residents, which will make it easier for them to imagine living there themselves. Finally, you can collaborate with local businesses and community members through your social media, organically drawing more eyes to your property. This is also a great place to utilize some of the marketing tools provided by Power for Life Fitness so that you can highlight amenities like free group fitness classes for future tenants. 

For more information on those tools and other ways Power for Life Fitness can help you grow your digital presence, contact us today at

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