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You’ve taken the first big step: You’ve decided that you want to exercise more, and have decided to do so with group fitness. Amazing! But there are a lot of factors at play when choosing which class to try out. So before you go, ask yourself these three questions to determine which fitness class is right for you.

Do I want a cardio or a resistance workout—or both?

Cardio and resistance training play equally important roles in fitness and in formulating an exercise program. But for many people, one might be easier to do on their own than the other. Perhaps you’re a runner who wants to work in more strength work, or maybe you love using free weights but the thought of spending time on the elliptical fills you with dread. In these cases, a group fitness class is the perfect way to add in what your normal fitness routine is lacking. If you love cardio but could use some resistance, a boot camp, yoga or Pilates class would be a great option. And if you live on the machines but need some cardio in your life, maybe try a Zumba, spinning or cardio kickboxing class. Or if you want to hit your muscles and your cardiovascular system all at once, a boot camp class that combines both would be a great place to start. 

Do I want a workout that’s dance- or rhythm-based?

Studies show that exercising to the beat of music can make exercise feel easier, so you may be able to push harder and get results faster. Nonetheless, dance-based workouts that involve choreography or remembering combinations of moves can be intimidating for some people. If you’re not intimidated and think you would enjoy a rhythm-based class, try out Zumba or cardio kickboxing. If you’d prefer the music to just exist in the background of your workout, try a yoga, spinning or boot camp class. It’s worth noting that spinning and boot camp don’t require you to remember steps, but are often timed to the music playing, so you can still reap the workout-boosting perks of sweating to the beat.

Do I want to sweat?

There are plenty of people who feel that for a workout to be “worth it” they need to be dripping in sweat by the end, or at least in need of a shower. This question is key because it will also play a role in helping you stick with your new workout regimen—if you attend a few classes that feel like a waste of time (even though they likely aren’t), you’re less likely to keep up with them. So if sweating is important to you, choose a high intensity class like cardio kickboxing, boot camp, Zumba or spinning, and if it’s not, choose a lower impact class like yoga or Pilates.

Asking yourself these questions can help determine the class that will not only help you jumpstart a new fitness regimen, but help you stick to it. Then once you get comfortable in that class and learn a little more about yourself, your needs and your fitness level, you can branch out into others. 

Ready to get started? Find out which Power For Life Fitness classes are provided at your property, and join in on the fun! If your community currently doesn’t offer Power For Life Fitness and you’re interested in adding classes, click HERE to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your gym space.

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