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Power For Life Fitness’s community wellness programs go far beyond hosting group fitness classes in your building. Here are four ways that you can take advantage of P4LF’s offerings at your property and start improving your health and fitness today.

  1. Attend Group Fitness Classes

It’s our bread and butter for a reason: P4LF has been running group fitness classes in apartment communities for over six years. We send experienced, certified, skilled instructors to run safe and effective classes for residents. All you need to do is pop in, take class, then head back to your apartment and go on with your day. Our use of participant caps and our ability to host classes on rooftops and in courtyards has allowed us to return to teaching in-person classes at many properties, allowing residents to take advantage of the inspirational experience of working out alongside their friends and neighbors. 

  1. Stream Virtual Classes

If in-person classes have not returned to your property or you don’t feel comfortable working out with others, Power For Life Fitness is still offering free live, virtual classes on a weekly basis. You can work out from the comfort of your living room with an instructor that will be responsive and offering modifications, as opposed to the experience of working out with a pre-recorded video. Contact your property manager to get access to P4LF’s virtual classes.

  1. Schedule Personal Training

If you have specific fitness goals you want to reach or you’re looking for guidance in the fitness center, we can help!  We offer in-person, on-site personal training at your community gym OR virtual personal training.  P4LF offers packages ranging from a single consultation to up to eight sessions for prices competitive with those charged at your local gym, but without the hassle of fitting a trip to the location into your day. 

  1. Get Diet Advice

Fitness may be in our name, but we believe fitness extends far beyond the gym. That’s why you can utilize P4LF to transform your kitchen and your eating habits in a healthy way. You can speak with a certified nutritionist who will evaluate your current eating habits and then offer general tips on how to clean up your kitchen or a personalized diet plan that will help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Whether the first step you want to take to improve your fitness is to begin group exercise, work with a trainer or change up your diet, Power For Life Fitness has the tools to help you work towards those goals. Email to get started meeting your fitness goals today! 

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