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During the warmer months, we love taking advantage of the shared outdoor spaces in apartment communities like courtyards and roof decks to host open-air group fitness classes for residents. Especially during the peak of the pandemic, having the opportunity to spread out outside meant we could give residents a quality workout safely. 

If you think that colder weather means it’s no longer possible to offer safe group fitness classes to your residents, think again: Here, three spaces on your property where you can hold group fitness classes during the winter.

Fitness Studio

The most apparent space to hold group fitness classes is in the fitness studio (if your building has one). This room is excellent for several reasons, mainly because it was designed with exercise in mind. But if your fitness studio is on the smaller side, as some are in apartment communities, consider capping the number of residents who can participate in a class to ensure that those who do attend feel safe and comfortable. 

Meeting or Party Room

While these rooms are not designed with fitness in mind, they are great spaces to hold classes (especially with Power for Life Fitness, since instructors travel with their own speaker and don’t often need additional equipment). If your property doesn’t have a fitness studio, chances are you have a meeting room or party room that’s large enough for a number of residents to move around and get their sweat on. 

Vacant Apartment

While every apartment community strives for 100% occupancy, that’s not always the case. And if you don’t have many shared spaces in your building, but you do have a vacant apartment or two, that can actually be a blessing because it can allow you to offer an amenity like free group fitness classes. While a vacant apartment is not the first place you would think of as a space to hold classes, it likely has plenty of open space in the living area in which at least a small group of residents can work out comfortably. Plus, using an empty unit for classes will show your residents that you care about them and take every step you can to give them the living experience they are looking for.

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