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We loved seeing everyone take steps toward taking better care of themselves during our September self-care challenge. So much so that for October, we’re focusing on one particular aspect of self-care that is incredibly important to overall health and wellbeing, yet most people don’t get enough. That’s right, we’re talking about sleep.

Despite the fact that it is often neglected or even ignored, adequate sleep is a vital part of health and wellness. While you’re sleeping, your body has the chance to rest, recharge and get ready to face any challenges you are thrown the following day. Without enough of it, all the processes that maintain your health start to slow down or even stop all together, leaving you stressed, tired, achy, overweight, and at an increased risk for chronic illnesses. But if you can regularly get 7 to 9 hours per night, you’ll enjoy perks like fewer cravings, less stress and anxiety, higher energy levels and increased productivity. 

Fortunately, there are small tweaks you can make to your routine, both right before bed and during the day, that will help prepare your body for deeper, longer sleep when it’s time to hit the hay. Regular exercise can help regulate the hormones that govern sleep, as can adjusting what and when you eat (like limiting caffeine consumption late in the day and closing the kitchen early). Establishing a pre-bed routine in which you read, journal, or do something else to wind down before turning off the lights at the same time every night will help ready your body for a restful slumber. 

In October, we want you to take some of these small steps with us and see how it impacts your sleep. First, make sure you’re following Power for Life Fitness on Instagram. Then start noting how long you’re sleeping—you can simply jot down the times you go to bed and wake up or you can use a wearable fitness tracker or an app like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock or Sleep Genius. And each week, make one or two small changes to your routine in an effort to improve your sleep. 

To participate: 

  • Sign up to receive emails and updates on the challenge.
  • Follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook for real-time updates, tips and tricks, and to be recognized for your work.
  • To participate, download the hours chart. Be sure to fill it out weekly and submit your hours to us every Saturday. 1hr = 1point.
  • For extra points, post your progress on social. Tag @Powerforlifefitness in all of your #OctoberSleepChallenge posts to ensure we see them.

We can’t wait to improve our sleep together. Good luck!