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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health clubs and fitness companies shifted their operations from in-person training and services to digital offerings, in some cases providing fitness classes and training sessions via livestream. And while it might be too soon to tell if livestream fitness is the future, we’re peaking into our crystal ball to take a look at the merits and deficiencies of the model. 

The biggest benefit of livestream fitness classes is that they combine convenience with personalization. Folks can exercise from the comfort of their homes while connecting directly with a trainer or instructor who can answer questions or offer modifications in real time. Livestream personal training can utilize the equipment the person has available in his or her home, plus be planned out according to the person’s schedule. And unlike a pre-recorded home workout program, livestream classes can change and evolve each week, offering a continuous challenge that will hold the exerciser’s attention, maintain commitment and speed results. 

But there are some drawbacks to livestream fitness on both the participant side and the provider side. First, the exerciser loses the accountability that comes with attending a class in person. It’s easier to do fewer reps when there isn’t an instructor or trainer in the room pushing you, and it’s easier to sneak out a few minutes early when the other participants aren’t sweating alongside you. For some people, it’s hard to give a workout 100% effort when they are in their living rooms surrounded by family members or unfinished chores. Meanwhile, for the service provider, whether that’s an individual, a single health club or a large fitness company, it’s difficult to determine the financial value of livestream classes to the client in comparison to the value of an in-person session—and consequently, whether livestream is economically feasible and worthwhile.

Is livestream fitness the future? Or is the future a hybrid between in-person, on-site fitness and more accessible options for home workouts? The pandemic has forced fitness professionals to ask these questions, and only time will reveal the answers. Either way, Power For Life Fitness is ready for whatever the future has in store, as we are now offering onsite fitness classes (outdoors of course to keep your residents safe and healthy), while also providing virtual classes for those who are not ready to leave the comfort of their home just yet. So, whatever your community needs to stay healthy and fit, we have the answer. 

To get started with your monthly program, send us an email at to discuss your community’s options. 

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