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Power For Life Fitness CEO and co-founder Megan Hare recently appeared on the podcast, “Take a T-O with Turner & O’Neill” to discuss women in business. In the episode, Megan spoke with coaches Steve Turner and Casey O’Neill of Gonzaga College High School in DC about everything from the growth of Power for Life Fitness to starting her own business. 

“Entrepreneurship is a crazy journey, but there are so many rewards along the way if you’re able to stick it out,” she said on the show. “In 2019, we were able to impact 52,000 people’s lives and that’s never something I would have imagined.” She also talked about her motivation and inspiration to start the company and the calling she felt to change people’s lives through fitness. “We have such a great opportunity in front of us to impact others,” Megan added. “I encourage people to find what sets their soul on fire. Once they do, the sky is the limit.” 

Later, Megan discussed what made her take the leap to start her own business. “When you’re working for someone else, you’re helping to build someone else’s dream. That didn’t sink in for me until I had the vision of how I wanted to impact the world,” she said. “That was my motivation to go my own way.” 

“I really enjoyed how the interview made me think about what I would tell younger girls who are interested in starting their own businesses,” Megan says, of her experience after completing her podcast interview. “As a woman in business, I want to be able to empower women and girls who want to do their own thing and go after their dreams.” 

To hear Megan’s complete interview, check out Episode 5 of “Take a T-O with Turner & O’Neill”, available now wherever you listen to podcasts.