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Gyms can be overwhelming and intimidating places. Whether you’re a brand new gym goer or a workout fiend, it can be easy to find one machine you’re comfortable with and stick to that each time you go to the gym. While doing something instead of nothing is a step forward in the right direction to your fitness and wellness goals, you might be missing out on the thing that could be helping you make the biggest gains. That’s why we’re sharing our four tips on how you can uncover your gym’s hidden gems and begin to see results faster than ever.

The Studio is Your Friend

The fitness studio can be a powerful tool in your workout for two reasons. One is the classes—attending group fitness classes (like those offered by Power for Life Fitness) make exercising fun and easy, since you don’t need to come up with a workout on your own. Getting to know the folks who frequent your favorite classes can also increase your accountability. But even if there isn’t a class going on, a studio is the perfect place to work out, especially if the gym floor is busy. You can drag a mat into the studio for some bodyweight exercises, or jump rope without worrying about hitting your neighbors. Plus, the studio’s mirror can help you work on your form and see results in real time. If you’re still unsure about going to a studio or attending a group fitness class, be sure to check out our latest piece which breaks down why group classes are the hottest thing since sliced bread.

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Don’t Fear the Free Weights

Between the strength machines, barbells and dumbbells, the options for strength training can be overwhelming. But when in doubt, grab some free weights. Even if you’re just standing and doing bicep curls, free weights force you to engage every muscle in your body to maintain stability, a benefit that doesn’t come with a seated machine. You can also do multiple exercises in a row with the same weights, slashing the time it would take you to move from machine to machine and reset the weight each time, making your workout shorter and more efficient. We don’t know about you, but that’s a win, win in our book.

Try the Set Workouts

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re getting a cardio workout just by getting on the elliptical, even though you may be doing so without much enthusiasm. To avoid falling into this hole, try one of the workout options on the machine, like hills or intervals, and make sure you set the length of your workout at the start. That way you can still zone out, but you’ve already set a challenge for yourself that you’ll be forced to see through. 

Use the Bands, Balls and Bells

It’s easy to think that the B’s—resistance and TRX bands, bosu balls, medicine balls and kettlebells—are reserved for the more experienced gym goers. But in fact, they are some of the easiest pieces of equipment to use and each one provides an added challenge to help you see speedy results. Any exercise you do with free weights can be done with resistance bands or kettlebells, and almost any bodyweight exercise can be modified to do while holding the TRX handles or standing on a bosu ball. Meanwhile, slamming a giant medicine ball against the ground might be just what you need to release pent-up stress while getting your sweat on.

Still wary of what you should be doing in the gym? Ask a friend for a primer or schedule a session with a Power for Life Fitness personal trainer. Our expert trainers are here to help make your gym experience a pleasant one.

If you’re interested in taking one of our group classes but aren’t sure where to begin, email to learn more about how you can get started with our residential fitness and wellness programming.

See you in the gym!

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