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It is well known in the apartment business that retaining current residents provides greater long-term value and a higher return on investment than constantly courting new residents, yet many properties focus their marketing efforts on the latter. However, marketing to current residents can be quite simple. The key: Using marketing as a reminder of the personalized and unique amenities that come with living in the property. Residents are a captive audience (at least for the length of their lease), so it is not necessary to draw them in with flashy deals—they just need to be gently reminded why they made the wise decision to lease an apartment in the building in the first place. And if the building is a Power for Life Fitness property, those services can serve as the center of the current resident marketing strategy.

The primary aspect of the services provided by Power for Life Fitness that should be stressed in marketing aimed at current residents is that by living in the building, they are being given access to services for free that they would have otherwise paid for. Memberships to gyms and fitness studios that off group fitness classes can be expensive, sometimes running $100 or more per month. Reminding residents that they have the same resources—trained, experienced instructors, interesting and challenging classes, the motivation and support of like-minded classmates—in their apartment building for free can be a powerful marketing tactic. This can be as simple as posting class schedules outside the fitness center, in the lobby or in or near the elevators. In addition, Power for Life Fitness produces a free monthly email newsletter for properties to distribute to their residents, complete with class schedules and articles about maintaining and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 

In the current market, one of the biggest draws to luxury apartment buildings is the events, the opportunities to receive access to vendors, products or businesses in an intimate setting. Yet events take time to plan, organize and produce, not to mention require connections to those vendors, products and businesses. Power for Life Fitness can provide all of the above, curating and producing health- and wellness-related events that properties can then market to their residents as one of the many perks to living in the building. Power for Life Fitness can even provide marketing materials in the forms of flyers, banners and giveaways to help market the event. 

Essentially, by showcasing the services offered by Power for Life Fitness, most or all of the marketing aimed at current residents is effortlessly taken care of for the property. 

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