Have you made any health and wellness resolutions for 2019? Or do you want to, but you’re not sure where to start? However cliché it may be, the start of a new year is the perfect time to take an inventory of your habits and lifestyle choices and think about ways you can change them for the better in the New Year. Whether you want to take better care of yourself, make a change in your family or give more back to the community, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to put these things in motion. But if you’re unsure of what you want to focus on, you’re in luck! We asked Power for Life Fitness instructors what their healthy resolutions are for the new year. Read on to see the goals they are setting and be inspired to set some of your own!

“I want to focus more on self-care, journal more frequently, and maintain a more consistent workout schedule.”Megan Hare, Boot camp instructor

Why she’s smart:Keeping a journal is a great way to relax and open your mind. If you’ve always wanted to try meditation but can’t get on board with the sitting quietly and still part, journaling is a great way to get the same calming benefits, plus learn more about the things that cause you stress and the things that bring you joy.

“I hope to eat more mindfully and attach less guilt to working out, so that when I DO run or do yoga it is all pursued with the same positive intention.”Kelsey Figone, Yoga instructor

 Why she’s smart:In our over-scheduled, ultra-busy world, meals are often taken in the car or while we’re doing something else. Stopping to mindfully enjoy your meal not only carves out a time of peace in your day, but it also gives you a chance to slow down and really taste your food, which can help cut down on snacking and overeating.

 “I want to add a greater variety of workouts to my personal schedule and read more self-development books or listen to self-development podcasts.”Stephanie Garcia, Kickboxing instructor

 Why she’s smart:Mixing up your workouts is a great way to get the maximum results out of exercise. The reason: If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, your muscles get used to those movements and stimuli and will no longer grow stronger as a result. But if you’re constantly challenging your body with different types of workouts, your metabolism will stay revved and your muscles will continue to grow and change.

 “I’m going to try not to put off doing things that are good for me but not the most fun, like scheduling a teeth cleaning at the dentist. I also want to send more cards and notes out of the blue so the people I love know that I care.”Alyssa Rosenthal, Zumba instructor

 Why she’s smart: A big part of self-care is maintaining positive, loving relationships. Being surrounded by people who love and support you is infinitely helpful for achieving your goals, and fostering those relationships can be as easy as a weekly phone call or a text or a surprise card that elicits a smile.

“I want to make more time for cultivating my own yoga practice so I can give more back to my students. I want to master a forearm stand without the wall!”— Amy Armentrout, Yoga instructor

 Why she’s smart: One of the easiest ways to stay committed to a fitness program is to set fitness-specific goals, such as a yoga pose you want to master, a size weight you want to reach or the number of Zumba songs you want to get through before having to take a break. Goals like this will help keep you motivated and continuing to go to the gym or head to a class.

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