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For some, winter is the season of staying indoors under a blanket. And while that can certainly be relaxing, adopting this practice daily can derail the fitness gains you’ve achieved over the course of the spring, summer and fall. To help you stay active during the chilly months, we asked Power for Life Fitness instructors for their favorite winter activities. Read on to find out how you can stay fit and active!

“I love skiing! I’ve been doing it my whole life.” — Amy Armentrout, yoga instructor

Why she’s smart: Skiing is a total mind and body workout. Navigating your way down the trail safely requires focus and planning, while maintaining stability on your skis calls on all the muscles in your legs and core. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the bunny slope or a double black diamond, both are going to give you a fun and effective workout. 

“Ice skating. It’s fun for the whole family.” — Amy Morrison, yoga instructor 

Why she’s smart: Whether you live near a pond, an arena, or a seasonal pop-up rink, taking the whole clan ice skating is a great way to have some fun during the winter while also staying active. Simply standing up on skates strengthens the muscles that support the foot and ankle and the skating motion engages all the muscles on the outside of the leg to tone a strong, lean lower half.  

“I didn’t learn until I was 21, but now I snowboard every winter.” — Alyssa Sybertz, Zumba instructor 

Why she’s smart: Ask anyone what they think is the best lower body exercise, and a majority will likely say squats. Now imagine holding a squat and rocking back and forth from your heels to your toes for 5 minutes, then doing it 12 or 15 times. That’s the type of glute sculpting that’s going on when you’re snowboarding, but you get to enjoy the rush and exhilaration of sliding down the mountain at the same time!

“Here’s the shopaholic answer: Mall walking!” — Kristina Eberhardt, yoga instructor

Why she’s smart: For those who simply don’t do the cold, walking the mall is a genius idea. Walking is one of the best all-around forms of exercise, and malls can provide miles of hallway to stroll. Plus, all the people and the stores’ window displays make for virtually endless entertainment. 

“I love running outside when it’s not too chilly. But if it is, I go bowling.” — Megan Hare, bootcamp instructor 

Why she’s smart: Exercising outside in cold temperatures forces the body to work harder to keep itself warm, resulting in more calories burned than the same workout would burn in warmer temperatures. But again, if the cold simply isn’t your thing or if you have difficulty breathing in cold weather, indoor activities like bowling are a fantastic option. A great way to spend time with friends, tossing a heavy bowling ball down the lane also engages the muscles in the arm, shoulder and core!

Do you have a favorite good-for-you winter activity? Comment on our latest Instagram post @powerforlifefitness and tell us about it!

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