Apartment communities that offer on-site fitness classes and opportunities to work with personal trainers, nutritionists and chefs have a leg up on other properties when it comes to acquiring new residents and retaining old ones. But before a property can do either of these things, it needs to catch the eye of prospective new residents—whether that be newcomers to the city, state or region or long-time residents simply looking for a change—and this responsibility falls to the property’s marketing, both online and on-site. An attractive website and clear, articulate descriptions of the services and amenities the building offers certainly play a role, but these are features that every luxury apartment building will have. Power for Life Fitness offers resources and marketing materials that will set your property apart from the rest. 

The simplest way to advertise the services provided by Power for Life Fitness is with a line in the website’s amenities section touting free or complimentary weekly fitness classes for residents, taught by experienced and professional instructors. This can be taken a step further with inclusion of the Power for Life Fitness logo or professionally-produced video. Regardless of the method taken, Power for Life Fitness gives a property the opportunity and ability to market these services to visitors to their website—and for many modern renters, it may be the thing that pushes them to book an appointment for a property tour.

For properties with a strong or growing social media presence, opportunities to showcase these features on Facebook and Instagram exist as well, in the form of co-branded content (such as health and fitness tips or class photos) on the property’s account or inspirational content on the Power for Life Fitness account. Likes, tags and follows can increase awareness, leading prospective residents to your building.

Once inside the building, marketing possibilities are varied and many. Class schedules can be included in move-in packets or hung outside fitness centers. Brochures detailing Power for Life Fitness services can be hanging on refrigerator doors in vacant apartments for prospective residents on tours. Eight-foot-tall inspirational banners can stand inside or outside fitness centers. Power for Life Fitness classes can be added to monthly events calendars. There are also opportunities for cobranded giveaways, such as water bottles or towels.

Marketing strategy notwithstanding, the materials Power for Life Fitness can provide showcasing their services, plus the opportunities to incorporate mentions of their services into existing marketing, can be powerful tools for acquiring and retaining residents.