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Name and discipline:Amy, yoga instructor

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in the summer of 2017 and started teaching immediately after.

How long have you been teaching with Power for Life Fitness?

I started teaching with Power for Life Fitness in early 2018, so it has been almost a year and a half.

How many classes do you teach per week?

I teach three regular weekly classes with Power for Life Fitness at three different apartment buildings, two in Washington, DC and one in Alexandria, VA.

Why do you teach yoga?

Before I started teaching yoga, I was feeling restless. I was unsatisfied with my job at the time and I missed the thrill and the challenge that competitive skiing had given me in college—it was something I could continually work on that was also a little bit scary in a good way. Practicing yoga filled that niche for me, and then completing my training and starting to teach was the perfect way to dive deeper into my practice. Today I teach because I love sharing the benefits of yoga with my students. I live for that moment when one of my students does something they never thought they could do!

What are your favorite things about teaching in apartments with Power for Life Fitness?

Teaching with P4LF gives me the opportunity to work with different populations than I would see in a gym or a studio. I love introducing new students to yoga and helping them fall in love with it. 

Do you have a favorite moment or inspiring anecdote from one of your P4LF classes?

I love when students get into an arm balance or an inversion for the first time—the joy and accomplishment on their face is so inspiring, and the fact that I was able to help them arrive at that point makes it all worthwhile. 

What music or songs get you going?

I love Maggie Rogers, Leon Bridges, James Bay, Hozier and Head and the Heart. I always have them sprinkled throughout my yoga playlists.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

On my perfect Saturday, I would wake up in a new city and spend the day exploring and enjoying the food scene and taking in the sites. And if I managed to fit in a ski run or some outdoor yoga, I would be in heaven!

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