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With many states recommending smaller gatherings this holiday season and traveling long distances to see family up in the air, Friendsgiving is a great way for apartment dwellers to spend time with people they care about and spread some festive cheer. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a safe, fun and delicious Friendsgiving. 

First, if you’re concerned with passing dishes around the table from one person to the other, you can eliminate this from your gathering entirely. Have each household attending Friendsgiving bring their own mini meal that they can eat in the company of their friends. If you’d prefer to go the more traditional route, with some guests supplying the turkey, others the stuffing, and others still the dessert, you could ask for each dish to be portioned out by household ahead of time so that dishes and serving cutlery are not being passed back and forth across the table.

Speaking of the table, bigger is always better. If your apartment building has a patio or a club room, consider reserving one of these spaces for your gathering. If not, many parks have tables and gazebos that can be reserved and used for these types of parties. These also likely have grills, which can provide a fire for warmth on chilly days. 

Finally, planning your menu is key—for many, it’s the most important part of Thanksgiving. There are the traditional recipes that you make every year, like grandma’s stuffing or corn bread, but the other side dishes provide plenty of opportunities to get creative. This year, try mixing up your recipes, pairing traditional ingredients like sweet potatoes with surprising ones like yogurt or mint, or transforming fall classics like butternut squash into new preparations. Curious about some of these? Check out our virtual Thanksgiving cooking demo on Thursday, November 19 at 6pm EST.

CLICK HERE to join us for the cooking demo on 11/19 at 6pm ET.

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