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Spring is almost here! Snow is melting, days are getting longer and people are beginning to venture back outside. While safety measures like wearing masks and practicing social distancing continue to be key in social situations, the warmer days of spring bring with them the opportunity to host on-site activities for your residents again. Spaces like roof decks, patios and courtyards are the perfect locations in which residents can socialize safely. 

Before you start hosting on-site activities and events though, there are a few things to consider. The first is the size of your deck or patio, which plays a role in how many people would be able to attend an event. Being outdoors with others is safer than being indoors, but that doesn’t mean that you should have 50 people crowded onto a roof deck together. Check state and county regulations for how many people can attend an event in the size space you have, then institute sign-ups accordingly. You can also do this for indoor events if you have a large lounge or community area, but the number of people who can attend may be even smaller. 

Next, think about the types of activities you can host outdoors. Especially if you work with someone like Power for Life Fitness who can help organize and plan these activities, there will be very few limitations! Many of the community events that you may have normally held inside can be held outside as well. Activities like group fitness classes, dance lessons and craft nights get an added element of excitement and fun when they are held outdoors instead of in a studio. 

If you do want to begin hosting on-site indoor fitness classes again, Power for Life Fitness can help. We are currently offering on-site yoga classes, in which the mat-based nature of the class ensures that folks maintain safe distances. Instructors are not offering hands-on assists, temperatures are taken before class, no extra props are used and masks are worn by all. These steps, along with limiting class sizes and/or having participants bring their own mats will help guarantee that they feel safe and comfortable. 

Finally, try to prepare ahead of time to address any questions or concerns your residents might have regarding the steps you are taking to prioritize their safety and wellness during these types of activities. Everyone is aching for the opportunity to get out of the apartment and interact with their community, and its critical to make sure they can do that in an environment that feels comfortable for them. 

Not sure where to start? Let P4LF guide you through the whole process! Contact us by emailing today to start preparing for your community’s on-site activities this spring.


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