Resident Tips

Best Practices for Thanksgiving Leftovers

You eat your fill at Thanksgiving dinner and maybe even come back for more after dessert, yet there are still leftovers at the end of the night. You diligently shovel everything into containers and squeeze them into your fridge to eat over the next couple days…and some you will, but others will likely go straight into the trash. Not this year! Here, everything you need to know to properly store, reheat and enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Pumpkin: Everything You Need to Know About Fall’s Hottest Food

Pumpkin (and by extension, pumpkin spice) is known as the premiere flavor of fall, and for good reason: It’s sweet, spicy and heartwarming all at once. But besides being the perfect flavor accompaniment to watching the leaves change, pumpkin is also a versatile ingredient that delivers impressive health perks. Read on for everything you need to know to enjoy pumpkin to its fullest this season.

Make the Most Out of Your Gym

Gyms can be overwhelming and intimidating places. Whether you’re a brand new gym goer or a workout fiend, it can be easy to find one machine you’re comfortable with and stick to that each time you go to the gym. While doing something instead of nothing is a step...