Resident Tips

Better-For-You Ice Cream — At Home!

During the summer months—especially August, when temperatures and humidity levels hit their peak—a creamy frozen treat offers a sweet respite at the end of a hot day. But many of the ice creams available in stores are packed with sugar and contain belly-bloating dairy, so we try to limit our intake. And sure, these days there are plenty of options in the freezer aisle that promise better ingredients and less sugar, but they’re often twice the price for half the ice cream. To the rescue: Here, recipes for three healthier frozen treats that you can make at home (no ice cream maker needed!) that are better for your waistline andyour wallet.

Guide to Hot Weather Workout Gear

Going outside on steamy August days can feel like a chore—so much so that exercising outside feels nearly impossible. And to make matters worse, exercising outside in the heat in the wrong gear can make 80 degrees feel like 100. Here, discover the best attire to protect you from sunburns, overheating, muscle cramps and more.

P4LF Instructors’ Favorite Healthy Summer Activities

One of the first words associated with summer is relaxation. Lounging by the pool, lying on the beach or soaking up the sun on a boat come to mind. However, there are tons of outdoor summer activities that are also incredibly good for you and can go far towards helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. And for some inspiration, we asked Power for Life Fitness instructors and trainers about their favorite healthy summer pastimes. Read on to find out what you could be doing this summer!

Easy Keys to Healthy Summer Skin

What do shorts, sundresses, tank tops and swimsuits have in common? Apart from being summer wardrobe staples, they all show some skin. And with more skin exposed to the sun during the warmer months, taking steps to keep your skin healthy, strong and protected is key. Read on for some of the ways you can keep your skin looking young and radiant this summer.

Avoid Summer Vacation Stressors

Growing up, summer vacation meant freedom from the confines of the classroom and the ability hang out with our friends and enjoy all the things we loved to do. As we got older and finished school, the idea of a summer vacation disappeared altogether, with work continuing straight through the warmest months. But as we’ve gotten older still and had little ones who are now enjoying their own summer vacations, these months now come with their own unique set of responsibilities and stresses that can threaten the healthy lifestyles we’ve cultivated over the school year. To the rescue: These strategies will help you avoid the stress of the kids being home and help you stick to your healthy habits.

Take a Hike Today!

No matter how old we get, June will always bring with it a feeling of release, of finally having the time to get outside and enjoy the glorious early summer weather. And with National Trails Day falling on June 1, what better way to do so than by lacing up your sneakers and heading out on a hike? Actively enjoying nature delivers countless health perks, both physical and mental, and many areas offer beautiful opportunities to do so. Read on to discover the benefits of hiking and some of the best trails within striking distance of your apartment building.