Resident Tips

Better-For-You Thanksgiving Sides

The turkey may pretend to be the star of the show, but everyone knows that the sides are the real draw to the Thanksgiving table. However, many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes tend to be loaded with sugar, calories and processed ingredients. Read on for three healthy alternatives to classic Thanksgiving sides that are just as delicious as their predecessors sans their fat-packing downsides.

How To Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Between preparing for visitors, shopping for gifts, food and décor and spending time with family and friends, the holiday season can feel hectic and overwhelming at times—so much so that finding time to work out seems impossible. Even so, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas can be some of the most crucial when it comes to meeting your fitness goals, not to mention enjoying the holiday season to the fullest. Here are three strategies that can help you stay motivated and committed to fitness during this busy and joyful season.

Delicious Halloween Sweet Swaps

There’s always one day in early October when you go to a grocery store or convenience store and notice something different. Gone are the snacks and trappings of late summer barbecues and beach trips. And in their place, candy! Candy! And more candy! The days and weeks leading up to Halloween can force even the strictest, most motivated healthy eater to waver, and maybe even give into temptation. And of course, you can enjoy a sweet here and there in honor of the holiday without compromising your goals. But if you’re worried you can’t stop at just one, we’ve rounded up the best sweet treats to savor this month without a risk of sugar overload.

Work Out While You Watch Football

Football is finally back! The passion, the drama, the exhilarating highs of wins, the devastating lows of losses…and the watch parties, which often come with piles of finger foods that aren’t the kindest to your waistline. So most football Sundays yield a contentious inner monologue: I’m trying to eat healthy and stay fit, but chicken wings and nachos are my favorites! Maybe I’ll have just one. To the rescue: A solution that will allow you to sate your inner nacho fiend while also making gains in your fitness regimen. Read on for the fun, metabolism-revving way you can work out while watching football.

Create Habits to Achieve Your Goals!

You may not be heading back to school this month, but even years after graduation, September still brings with it a feeling of something beginning. With one third of the year to go, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. And that makes it the perfect time to evaluate your habits and commit to new ones that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Beat Snack Fatigue with Healthy Versions of Childhood Favorites

When we were kids, we would giddily dig snacks out of our lunch bags or belly up to the kitchen table after school for an afternoon munch. Snacks were a sweet treat and a fun respite from the activities of the day. But now that we’re grown, snacks have transformed to a few hurried swallows en route to our next to-do, usually of something meant to give us energy, not please our taste buds. If you’ve ever searched for a happy medium, look no further! Here, three tasty, easy-to-make snacks guaranteed to power you up and put a nostalgic smile on your face.