Resident Tips

Better-For-You Twists on Cocktails

Warmer weather means many things. Sleeping with the windows open, evening strolls after work, lounging by the pool…and cold, refreshing cocktails. We suffer through long days at the office with the promise of an icy sip the only thing helping us survive until the end of the day. But many cocktails we order in bars—especially those that are blended or frozen—are often loaded with sugars and syrups that can threaten to derail our healthy habits. To the rescue: These healthier twists on our favorite spring and summer cocktails are sure to have you raising a glass.

The Health Perks of Owning a Pet

Did you know that the first full week of May is National Pet Week? Started by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the week is meant to celebrate the more than 200 million pets living in homes across America and the contributions they make to the lives of their owners. Indeed, pets are more than just a furry (or scaly) friend to cuddle and play with—they enrich the lives of their families in countless ways, including many that can actually improve their health. Read on to discover the health benefits of having a pet!

Make Your Own Apartment Herb Garden

Spring can inspire many things, like spending more time outdoors, getting rid of clutter, and eating fresher foods. And while for most people that means adding more fruits and vegetables to their plates, it can and should also mean cooking with fresh, antioxidant-rich herbs. But herbs can be hard to shop for at the grocery store—bushels might be too large to use before the herbs go bad or confusion over how best to store them may dissuade someone from buying them at all. The solution: Grow your own fresh herbs at home in your very own apartment herb garden! Read on for the easy how-to, plus tips on ensuring yours grow heartily throughout the season.

Spring Clean Your Way to Slim and Healthy

Most people view spring cleaning as a necessary yet tedious chore. It’s time-consuming, boring, and often requires making a mess before cleaning it up. But spring cleaning actually has perks that go beyond having a clean and tidy home. Read on for the ways spring cleaning can improve your fitness, strengthen your immunity and even boost your mood for a healthier, happier season.

Improve Your Health Instantly with These Teas

Whether it’s sipped standing at the kitchen counter, savored under a blanket at night or passed around to share with friends, there’s nothing quite like a steaming hot cup of tea. But tea isn’t just soothing and heartwarming—it’s also loaded with health benefits. Read...

Meet Your Fitness Goals Faster with 9-Minute Workouts

Two months into the new year is a tricky time for maintaining healthy habits and continuing to work towards your fitness and wellness goals. The novelty of New Year’s resolutions is starting to wear off, bleak weather is dragging on and you’re starting to grow stir-crazy. You know sunnier days are right around the corner, yet you can’t seem to bring your motivation to work out up to spring and summer levels quite yet. To the rescue: These super short, interval-style workouts, all under 10 minutes each, will quickly increase your heart rate to help boost metabolism and calorie burning throughout the day.