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New Years’ Resolutions from P4LF Instructors

Have you made any health and wellness resolutions for 2019? Or do you want to, but you’re not sure where to start? However cliché it may be, the start of a new year is the perfect time to take an inventory of your habits and lifestyle choices and think about ways you can change them for the better in the New Year. Whether you want to take better care of yourself, make a change in your family or give more back to the community, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to put these things in motion. But if you’re unsure of what you want to focus on, you’re in luck! We asked Power for Life Fitness instructors what their healthy resolutions are for the new year. Read on to see the goals they are setting and be inspired to set some of your own!

Guide to the Most Popular Diets for 2019

According to a YouGov poll, two of the three most common New Years’ resolutions in 2018 had to do with living healthier: Eat healthier and get more exercise. Power for Life Fitness group fitness classes and personal training make it easier to accomplish the latter, but the former can be trickier, especially given the plethora of diet plans to choose from. To the rescue: We’re breaking down the most popular diet plans, how best to follow them and the resources that can help you succeed in eating healthier, losing weight or just improving your overall health.

Why Residents are Running to the Power for Life Fitness Class Challenge

The Power for Life Fitness holiday season class challenge is the first of many to come for the residents of apartment communities equipped with Power for Life Fitness gyms. Why participate in a class challenge, or any other fitness challenges? There are the fun prizes, like T-shirts you can wear to the group fitness classes at your apartment building…but the benefits go far beyond athleticwear. Read on for more the reasons residents are taking part in Power for Life Fitness class challenges!

Stay Healthy at Holiday Parties

Spending quality time socializing with friends and loved ones is the best part of the holiday season. But these joyful gatherings are often accompanied by loads of indulgent snacks and drinks, and just one glass of eggnog can quickly turn into three too many. The next thing you know, you’re overstuffed and wishing you had stronger willpower. To the rescue: These simple strategies will help you avoid overdoing it at holiday parties, no willpower necessary. Read on for the genius tricks!

Better-For-You Thanksgiving Sides

The turkey may pretend to be the star of the show, but everyone knows that the sides are the real draw to the Thanksgiving table. However, many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes tend to be loaded with sugar, calories and processed ingredients. Read on for three healthy alternatives to classic Thanksgiving sides that are just as delicious as their predecessors sans their fat-packing downsides.

How To Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Between preparing for visitors, shopping for gifts, food and décor and spending time with family and friends, the holiday season can feel hectic and overwhelming at times—so much so that finding time to work out seems impossible. Even so, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas can be some of the most crucial when it comes to meeting your fitness goals, not to mention enjoying the holiday season to the fullest. Here are three strategies that can help you stay motivated and committed to fitness during this busy and joyful season.