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Tips for Boosting Client Retention

Tenant retention is serious business and if you don’t look for new ways to boost that, then chances are you will experience more tenant turnaround than you wish to see. Look no further, as there are several things you can do as a property manager to boost tenant retention. Check them out here!

Increase your Tenant Wins

Ready to increase your number of tenant contracts and decrease your tenant losses? While there’s no doubt that the residential industry is changing, now is the time to find out what you can do to improve your occupancy rates before your property gets left behind. Take a look here!

Keeping Up With Shifting Amenity Demands

Where does your residential property stand in today’s competitive market? With the noticeable shift in multifamily real estate, tenants have reached a new measure of expectations and demands when it comes to amenities in their building. Learn what steps you can take before your property gets left behind. 

A Case Study: Apartments at City Center

In the heart of downtown Washington, DC, sits the newest urban renewal, the Apartments at CityCenter. In this case study you will learn how the CityCenter broadened their residential engagement with quality fitness solutions, ultimately resulting in an increased ROI, and a decrease in tenant turnover.