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Since it was founded in 2014, Power For Life Fitness has grown exponentially, offering its on-site fitness and wellness services to countless residential communities. But how did it all start? We sat down with P4LF co-founders, Megan Hare and Dave Criddell to get some insight into the story of Power For Life Fitness.

P4LF began as the blending of two passions, explained Megan and Dave, as Dave’s passion lay in business and Megan’s for helping people through fitness. “Putting the two together seemed ideal,” stated Dave, “while also providing a service to an untapped market of those who live in apartment buildings.” 

What was the first thing they did after creating Power For Life Fitness? They joined the Small Business Administration. “This helped in many ways,” said the power couple. “From connections, to workshops, to getting advice.” From there, they just hit the ground running, using simple trial and error to see what worked and what didn’t, while trying to understand why.

Goal setting is incredibly important in business, and P4LF’s first goal was to get one paying customer so they could start running classes. Always quick to tap into their existing networks, P4LF’s first client was the apartment building the founders were living in at the time. “We had a great relationship with the manager, and decided to pitch her on our business idea and she agreed,” stated Megan. “It took about three months from inception of the business to running our first class. The first class was great and we looked at each other and realized this could really work! It was a very proud moment for the both of us.”

From there, word of mouth was all it took for Power For Life Fitness to take off —highlights include winning a large contract in Washington, DC, expanding to states outside the DMV, and winning Best Staffing at the Property Management Association trade show. Today, P4LF offers classes in 60 apartment communities across 6 states. 

Owning a business is all about learning and adapting, and Megan and Dave have learned some valuable lessons along the way. “First and foremost, build your team. Your team is so important, as you want to make sure you have good people. People that are great at what they do, you get along with and believe in your mission.” Once your team is in place, persistence is key. “There will always be people along the way that will tell you no, but as long as you stay persistent and consistent in your outreach, you will get your yes’s.” 

What does the future look like for P4LF? “The future is bright!” cheer Megan and Dave. “The demand for our service is higher than ever and we are ready, willing and able to serve!”

Interested in adding a few P4LF classes into your community? Contact the team at to learn how!