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It’s official. We’re one month into the new year – Can you believe it? Unfortunately for most, now is the time that they let go of their New Year’s resolutions and goals, whether it be personal or work related. Don’t let that be you. Getting passed month number one is the hardest hurdle to jump, and we’re rooting for you to continue to lay a solid foundation for the year ahead.

As a property manager, maintaining tenant retention and increasing tenant wins are probably some of the top goals you have set for yourself this year. And while those goals are on the larger side, there are simpler ways property managers can set themselves up for a successful year. Interested? Check out the list below:

Make Friends In the Industry: If you’re a property manager who is just starting out, finding a mentor or befriending an industry expert can be helpful whenever you’re in need of some tips, tricks and advice. Learning from someone who is more experienced is vital, and having an industry friend who you can vent to is also vital. For all those seasoned pros out there, don’t think we forgot about you! Whether you’re offering yourself up as an expert locally or are adding valuable tips to your online supporters, you are further establishing your credibility as an expert in your field. 

Revitalize Your Marketing Content: Now more than ever is the time to revamp your marketing. To start, reshuffle the listing descriptions you’ve been using and ensure that the location and amenities included are unique so they stand out from others. Don’t forget to update your photos and follow trending listing practices to make the best of your marketing efforts. In addition, if you’re already a Power For Life Fitness property, email to learn how we can collaborate on your marketing efforts to ensure you see the return in your investment.

Be Selective: Signing the dream tenant isn’t always a reality, but it can certainly be a goal for every property manager. So, what’s the best way to go about it? Start by having a strict  screening process and go the extra mile to complete a background check and look into the rental history of any applicants.

Maintain Your Renters Happiness: Moving every year can be stressful, and nothing can kill profits like a vacancy, so maintaining your resident’s happiness is key. Start by being responsive, keeping them informed, and maintaining the property. And if you’re really looking to score big with new and existing residents, show your appreciation by providing next level amenities (like Power For Life Fitness’ programs and events!). Let this be the year you change things up so you can take your property management business to the next level. To do so, remember to reinvent your property through fresh, modern marketing, fill your properties with the best renters you can find, and ensure you’re keeping the good ones by listening and providing affordable amenities that feel luxurious.